NCIS Season 11 Review “Crescent City: Part II” – Hook, Line and Sinker

Crescent City "Part II

In this episode of NCIS, called “Crescent City: Part II,” Gibbs and Pride find out more about the Privileged Killer and their search leads them somewhere they never expected and brings both the D.C. and New Orleans offices together to find him.

Much like Pride, I didn’t see this case leading to them discovering that McLane had accepted a bribe and framed an innocent man of Privilege’s crimes. It was hard to see Pride that devastated, but Gibbs did a great job at helping his friend realize that McLane was just a good cop who made a mistake.

I liked the way that the story interwove between the D.C and New Orleans offices. I wondered if McGee, Tony and Fornell would simply feel like background to the story in New Orleans but that didn’t really happen at all. Especially when poor McGee found himself in danger from the real killer’s father.

As for the continuation of the NCIS: New Orleans story, I have to say that they are really nailing the feel of New Orleans, at least for a one-time visitor by myself. I think it might be the city itself that is making me the most excited to see this show actually become a series. I can just imagine the opening credits to the show, the music they’ll use throughout an episode and the sweeping shots of the city in between the interior shots.

That’s not to say I’m not also excited by these characters, because I am. The more we get to know Pride and his team, the more I dig them. We even got to meet their forensic tech, who I couldn’t help but to immediately start comparing to Abby. But though Wendell had his quirks, I liked how quickly he turned introspective when talking about their killer.

The only thing I would say is that they need to be careful and not try so hard to be a carbon copy of the original. Wade telling Wendell to turn the music down was a little too like Ducky and Abby’s conversations about her music early on in the series. I understand the desire to make things similar so as to give viewers something they’re familiar with, but I’m just as interested in seeing how different the show can be from the original.

I think NCIS: Los Angeles does that really well. When I watch that show, I almost forget it has anything to do with NCIS because it feels so completely different and has become a show of its own. I still have high hopes that NCIS: New Orleans can follow in those footsteps.

My favorite bits:

The slow smile that spread across Pride’s face when he saw her snarfing down her breakfast.

Gibbs’ laugh when Wade asked him if he could do the Cajun Jitterbug.

LaSalle not bothering to put down his coffee when he showed the punk his badge.

“You always start your mornings in a bar?”
“This is New Orleans. It might be daylight, but the evening is still young.”

“A serial killer is on the loose and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

Tony getting his very own voodoo doll. Love that Bishop did that.

“It’s a voodoo doll that looks just like you, right down to the insincere grin.”

McGee trying to convince Tony that the doll was just a toy and Tony countering that so was Chucky. Good point.

Tony giving the doll a head slap and testing to see if he’d feel it. Ha!

Finding out that LaSalle makes sculptures out of LEGO’s.

Bishop and Gibbs waiting patiently for Wendell to finish playing the piano.

The kid sizing up Brody, calling LaSalle a tool and hitting up Pride for money. I like this kid. A lot.

Tony’s voodoo doll with a needle in its head, just as Tony got a stabbing headache.

Tony calling McGee “McVoodoo.”

Gibbs’ laugh when Betts told him he looked like crap.

Gibbs admitting that he was currently wifeless and that it was better for everybody.

Pride having a gun named Charmaine. She was a beaut, too.

“It’s a game to him, Gibbs. The only problem is, I don’t like to lose.”

McGee begging Tony not to talk like Quint from Jaws again. Yeah right, like that was going to work.

The fact that McGee didn’t argue when Tony said he was incapacitated by his voodoo doll.

Gasping out loud when McGee figured out who Hanlon’s son was, and promptly got knocked out for it.

LaSalle greeting Pride with a wink. I’m starting to dig his winks.

Brody demanding her own LEGO sculpture. I would have done the same exact thing and I love that he gave her a fleur de lis. I love those.

“Oh, we gonna have some fun.” Pride

Gibbs and his toothpick.

Pride and his team fighting over what they were going to have for lunch.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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