Justified Season 5 Review “Starvation”

Justified Season 5 Episode 12 Starvation (1)

I was under the incorrect belief that this week’s Justified was the season finale. Luckily, I was wrong! We’ve got one more episode and Harlan country is a powder keg ready to blow. Let’s get to it.

Boyd still hasn’t resolved the situation with the Mexican heroin. He goes to visit Wynn Duffy, who seems to be getting sucked in to Boyd’s vortex of bad luck. Duffy lies to the Mexican cartel and tells them that he killed Boyd. When he and Boyd meet, they put their heads together on how to solve their cartel and Daryl Crowe problems. Before they get too far, in come the Marshals.

I love it when the Marshals get into full ass-kicking mode. Rachel, Gutterson, and Raylan present a united front and let Boyd and Duffy know that the gloves are off. To communicate the seriousness of the threat, the Marshal loads up Duffy’s trailer for seizure while they’re all still inside. This was fantastic. Unsurprisingly, neither Duffy nor Boyd are anxious to cooperate.

Raylan is downright desperate to find Daryl. I don’t think we’ve seen him this fired-up and angry in a long time. He goes to see Ava in prison to see if she can help convince Boyd to give up Daryl’s location. This scene was all kinds of messed up. Ava is no fool and doesn’t want to help without a promise that she’ll get released. That’s beyond Raylan’s powers. Instead, he tries to bribe her with commissary privileges and when that doesn’t work, he threatens her. The threat is the most disturbing part of this scene. Raylan clearly has no sympathetic sentiments left for Ava, but saying that he will keep her from being protected by the guards is a serious declaration of his indifference towards her. I respect Ava for shutting him down. Raylan notes that Ava is hard now, and he’s right.

Meanwhile, Boyd decides that the best way to solve his Daryl Crowe and cartel problem is to set up a situation where Daryl would go searching for the drugs, and the cartel and Marshals would show up at the same time. But, as we know, this is not Boyd’s year. His plans are destroyed when Daryl sends Wendy to pick up the drugs on his behalf. As if this wasn’t bad enough, as they wait for the bust to go down, the cartel drives by and sees Boyd. So much for Duffy’s story. I think this might be setting up Duffy for a dirt nap. It’d be a shame because I like Duffy, but it also might be time for him to reach the end of the road.

Finally, Raylan reaches his limit when Wendy shows up at the bust. He takes her into custody, even though she never actually touched the drugs. You have to wonder why she didn’t just take Kendall earlier and go back to Florida. It’s not like Daryl would have followed her there and killed them. Now, she’s going to have to deal with the consequences of putting family above common sense.

Boyd and Raylan come up with a new plan that involves Boyd meeting with Daryl and wearing a wire. Bad luck Boyd doesn’t get a break here, either. As Boyd tries to corral Daryl into an incriminating statement, my favorite Crowe busts in on them. Dewey, Dewey, Dewey. I’ll miss your moronic ways. Dewey threatens to shoot them and confesses that he killed Messer. Naturally, the Marshals are waiting for him when he tries to get away. My favorite line of the episode came courtesy of Dewey. When he first returns and goes to visit the prostitutes, he learns that they gave away the bizarre family heirlooms he’d given them. He tells the girls that when they’re given something important: “The anus is on you to take care of it.” At least Harlan seems to have an endless supply of WT idiots, so we’ll probably get a Dewey replacement next year.

I have to say, even though he’s really harsh, I like badass Raylan. After bringing in Daryl and Wendy, Raylan executes a stroke of genius. He and the US Attorney convince the judge to try Kendall as an adult for Art’s shooting. When they tell Wendy and Daryl, they both lose it. It’s spectacular when Wendy demands to know who did this and Raylan looks straight at them and takes the credit.

While there were interesting scenes with Ava angling for a position in the prison hierarchy, the most important moment came at the Marshal’s office. When Raylan threatens Boyd, Boyd hits back and accuses Raylan of having been involved in Augustine’s murder. Rachel and Gutterson are standing there and they look absolutely shocked. They come to Raylan’s defense, but you know that they are going to have to discuss it.

We’ll see if Boyd’s luck changes next week. Judging from the preview, it looks like it won’t.

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