‘Star-Crossed’ (Season 1): Who Can Be Trusted?

Star-Crossed CW

The new CW drama Star-Crossed has only been on the air for seven weeks and in that time it has become clear that there are enemies at every turn: both on the human and Atrian side; and last night’s episode revealed even more.

Let’s take a look at who can or cannot be trusted so far:

Officer Beaumont (recurring guest star Tahmoh Penikett) – Beaumont was an Atrian hiding within the humans in order to work for the Traggs, the terrorist group within the alien race. Unfortunately, Beaumont suffered at the hands of Vega (recurring guest star Merle Dandridge) [more on her shortly], the leader of the Traggs, who took his life because she believed he was a traitor. Also before his demise, Roman (series lead Matt Lanter) stopped Beaumont from taking the life of Emery (series lead Aimee Teegarden).

Vega – As mentioned above, she is the leader of the Traggs and mom to Teri (series regular Chelsea Gilligan), who has her group aggressively working to do violent harm to the humans for whom they have seen as their oppressors over the past decade. She is still very much alive and in charge of the Traggs, but she hasn’t been seen for a few episodes so God only knows what she has in the works.

Zoe – Zoe (recurring guest star Dora Madison Burge) was another Atrian hiding in plain sight within the humans, play-acting at being the best friend of mean girl Taylor (recurring guest star Natalie Hall) all the while following Vega’s orders that nearly had catastrophic circumstances. Her life came to an end thanks in great part to fellow Atrian Drake (series regular Greg Finley), who tossed her into the abandoned boat shed that exploded taking the dangerous black Cypher plant along with it.

Castor – Roman’s uncle (recurring guest star Johnathon Schaech) used to be part of the Traggs, but after the death of Roman’s father, Castor returned to his family with claims that he has changed. He eventually took over his brother’s leadership role; but despite giving Roman and Drake the explosive that destroyed the black Cypher, he still has an entire closet-full of bombs. And what could those possibly be for?

Eva Benton – Eva (recurring guest star Stephanie Jacobsen) is supposed to be one of the teachers at the high school where the teens (human and Atrian) attend; but given what transpired in last night’s episode, she is way more than just a teacher. She stole two coffee cups used by Emery and her best friend Julia (series regular Malese Jow) from the town’s diner (where the teens hang out) and had tests run, proving that Julia’s DNA has traces of Cypher within it. Just what the hell is she really doing?

Gloria – Gloria (recurring guest star Victoria Platt) is in charge of the integration program that brought the Atrians into the high school, but she had been hiding a big secret: she had a love child with Nox (guest star Jason Douglas), Roman’s now deceased father. She may have sent her son off to live with the Atrians who are hiding out deep in the Bayou, but what is really her intention for bringing the Atrians into that school in the first place?

Maia – Maia (recurring guest star Susan Walters) is Roman’s mother who, while not really coming out against the humans, doesn’t seem to be their biggest fan; and given the clip for next week’s episode she seems none too pleased that Roman and Emery are in a relationship.

NOTE: Last night’s episode finally brought the – no pun intended – star-crossed lovers together as a couple with them finally expressing their feelings for each other in a couple of pretty amazing kisses. One of those kisses will also, assuredly, make Grayson (series regular Grey Damon) – who was actually dating Emery – none too trustful of either of them. Dun, dun, dun!!

Eric – Eric (recurring guest star Jesse Luken) is one of the humans at Emery’s high school who seemed, until recently, to be vehemently against the Atrians; but after learning just how deadly the Red Hawks (the human version of the Traggs) really are, he seems to be making a 180 degree role reversal. He also seems to have some sparks with Emery’s best friend Julia; but let’s just see how this conversion into a somewhat nice guy lasts.

Grayson’s mother – Mrs. Montrose (recurring guest star Deena Dill) was secretly the Grand Matriarch of the Red Hawks, who was caught in an unexpected sting set-up by Emery and reporter Matt Bandell (guest star DeVere Jehl) [in an effort to get the reporter off a story about Julia being saved by the Atrian Cypher, which has to be kept secret at all costs]. Mrs. Montrose is now in prison facing a steep sentence for the crimes committed by the Red Hawks.

And lastly there is Roman and Emery, who are (YES!) the protagonists of the series, but in the eyes of Grayson [who saw them kissing even though the former was supposed to be dating him] he cannot trust them; and what he will do next is anyone’s guess.

What do you think about the various Atrians and humans on this list? Who do you trust and who do distrust? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the debut season of ‘Star-Crossed’ will air on The CW on April 7 at 8/7c.