Lost Girl Season 4 Review “Origin”


I feel like Lost Girl is dangerously close to driving its celestial train car right off the rails. This week’s episode felt like a hodgepodge of events that don’t quite make sense. They discover that Reiner has only a day to live, which prompts Bo to make a hasty decision that she’s already started to regret. Lauren takes on the Morrigan for reasons that are flimsy, at best. Bo may be some kind of Queen or the One or something. Massimo eats the Una Mens seed and is Vex’s pet and the Morrigan’s son. Then throw in Kenzi running around trying to get revenge and crying because nobody will pay attention to her. It was kind of a mess.

Rather than sift through each scene, here are my global thoughts on the episode.

Can our heroine get any more unlikeable? Ever since Bo returned, she has been borderline whiny about figuring out her destiny. She’s been stupidly impetuous in getting together with Reiner and tossing Dyson and Lauren aside. She tells Kenzi over and over that they are family and Kenzi is her priority. But at every turn, Bo turns her back on her friend. The rift between the two culminated in Kenzi demanding to be unclaimed. Bo didn’t resist too much before relenting. Now, Kenzi is truly alone and grief-stricken. Bo has more pressing issues, though, so she lets Kenzi – her “family” – go. I don’t know. I’m just not feeing this Bo. She’s not fun, she’s whiny, and she’s selfish.

I’d like to start by saying…EW. Lauren decides after hearing a snippet of a conversation that she’s going to turn the Morrigan into a human. After seducing her, Lauren explains that she stole the Morrigan’s DNA and rejiggered it to turn her. How did Lauren slip her the serum? Let’s just not go there. Hearing that explanation once (which was totally gratuitous) was enough. I don’t care what your sexual orientation is – it was TMI. The problem with the scene is that it feels like the show is trying to be edgy, but can’t get there with substantive content so throws out the random lesbian romp or obscenity. How many times did they say “shit” last night? I have no problem with “coarse language,” but don’t use it to sell edginess when your story is just not up to par. Imagine Rick on The Walking Dead busting out a “shit” in the last scene of the finale. That would’ve been badass and fit with the strength of the story and emotions. Here it feels like they’re just trying too hard.

You just have to feel bad for Kenzi. Everyone is kicking her to the curb. Who can blame her for wanting to get some revenge on the man that beat her and killed Hale? Why isn’t Bo more indignant about it? Kenzi’s had to play second fiddle to all of Bo’s drama this season. It’s time she got some independence and power of her own.

These three were all on the periphery this episode. The Reiner story is going to be meaningless if we don’t learn more about his character’s emotions and motivations. I’m not sure what Trick is doing. What happened to the glimpse of the Blood King we got with the hypnotist? Is he going to make a comeback?

I have too may unresolved questions and I’m getting frustrated. Especially since next Monday is the season finale and everything is such a cluster.

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