Continuum Season 3 Review “Minute to Win It”

Warning: This review contains spoilers.


Can we just address these terrible episode titles for Continuum for a moment? Okay, now we’ve done that, I’ll continue with an actual review of ‘Minute to Win It’.

Since the show started, one of the most intriguing things that set it, and our heroine, apart was the ambiguous morality of her mission. Liber8 might be terrorists that aren’t averse to leaving a pile of bodies in their wake, but Kiera is fighting for the very system that inspired these extremists in the first place. Since these ying and yang discussions became a weekly debate among fans, the show itself has woven in lots of little hints as to how skewed Kiera’s worldview was when she arrived in 2012.

The initial flashback of this episode, in which Kiera’s moral code and better judgement were overridden by her superiors, adds further fuel to the fire for those of us who believe Liber8 actually pose a good point. They might be the de facto villains of the story but, other than Carlos, there’s not one person in this fight that hasn’t got their hands dirty and some point. Now that Kiera has teamed up with the freelancers and Alec has gleefully inherited his father’s company, things are only going to get more complicated.

The flashback also sets up the main threat of the hour, which involves suicide bank robbers who have been crudely wired up to do Liber8’s bidding. While Travis might disagree with using people as puppets in much the same way as the government they were originally railing against, a recently escaped Lucas was simply shouting louder on the issue this time. Much like Alec’s currently good intentions for the new toys he saw in Piron’s labs, it seems even the most clear of missions can get muddied the thought of ‘can do’ rather than ‘should do.’

Meanwhile, those two people that Kiera could always rely on to set her straight and keep her head in the game have seemingly abandoned her, emotionally at least. Carlos seems to be grieving his friend despite the fact that she’s still there, working beside him, and his violent outburst near the episode’s end was as good a reason as any to start worrying about his state of mind. Then there are the two Alecs, who have become increasingly hard to differentiate now that present-day Alec has discovered not only the identity of his father, but also a fragment Emily’s past we can guess she’d rather forget.

What did you think of the episode? Will Emily tell present-day Alec about his double walking around the wrong timeline? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.