Bones Season 9 Review “The Turn in the Urn” – Too Much of a Good Thing

Bones Season 9 Episode 19 The Turn in the Urn (4)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Turn in the Urn, a millionaire is found dead then found alive and the team is left sifting through ashes to find a killer, meanwhile Finn discovers that money doesn’t buy everything.

Poor Finn. I knew right away that his extravagant spending would get him into trouble, but I didn’t expect it to come in the form that it did. Though it wasn’t exactly his money that broke him and Michelle up, it did bring home the message that sometimes it’s hard to have everything. Here he was, a guy who grew up under meager circumstances and fought tooth-and-nail to get the education he wanted. Then he and Hodgins come up with their hot sauce idea, it takes off and Finn is rolling in cash for the first time in his life. Not only that, but he’s got a woman that he adores. It really sucks that he wasn’t able to have it all.

In a way, their victim/suspect/guy-protecting-his-girlfriend was in a similar boat. From the outside he seemed to have everything anyone could wish for, but that only brought him a ton of trouble. I was completely with Booth and his feelings about Todd throughout the episode. Rich people don’t bother me at all, but entitled people irk me to no end and I’ve met plenty of them who didn’t have two pennies to rub together. So Booth and I both learned a lesson by the end of the episode and I found myself feeling almost sorry for Todd and admired his efforts to try and save his girl.

My favorite bits:

Booth trying to convince Brennan he needed to watch a game rather than go to a funeral.

Brennan explaining exactly how one would overdose on heroin. In detail.

Booth watching the game on his phone at the funeral. It cracked me up when he got caught at it.

A dead man walking into his own funeral. Whoa.

“Wait a second. You’re supposed to be dead.” – I love how Booth always states the obvious.

Swollen dead body. Ick.

“I even ate at a restaurant where I didn’t understand one thing on the menu.”
“That’s wonderful. That’s how I ate my first tarantula.”

Brennan’s complete confidence that a pile of ashes was going to tell them all they need to know about their victim.

“Fortunately for us, the crematorium did a completely inept job.”

Brennan realizing they had two different bodies. oops, make that at least three. Whoa.

Brennan getting excited about the challenge of trying to identify their victim.

“Projections are not cash, Opie.” – Very true.

Angela reversing the decomposition of the body. Nice.

“Daniel was my person concierge. You know, lifestyle management.”
“No, I don’t know. I manage my own lifestyle.”

Booth referring to Todd’s mother as a certified loon. Ha!

Uh oh, looks like Michelle isn’t impressed with Finn’s constant talk about the hot sauce business.

“He did not sleep with my wife.”
“Then what are those horns on your head, pretty boy?” – Oh crap! Did Booth turn back into a demon again?? Wait. Wrong show. Whew.

Todd’s mom proudly declaring that if she had killed her son, there wouldn’t be a body. Mom of the Year award right there.

Hodgins discovering a piece of a rare artifact in the ashes. Interesting.

Brennan and Angela discovering that the Slaughterer’s Chalice had ended up in their victim’s head. Well, it’s definitely appropriate.

Cam walking in the lab to find Hodgins doing something that involved an old TV tube. Oh boy.

“You what a retort and cremulator are?”
“You can’t name one player on the Flyers, can you?” – Touché Booth!

“Why can’t you just say two pounds, instead of getting all metric-y?”

Booth trying to get Brennan to guess who the killer was. Ha! As if.

“Yeah, except here the cheesy-looking bits are flesh and the pepperoni are charred muscle.”
“And people wonder how I stay so thin.”

“Seeing you makes me happier than a tornado in a trailer park.” Yay! Another Finn-ism.

Finn telling Michelle to go off and be happy. So incredibly sweet.

Finn calling himself a tree stump for not realizing they needed to look inside the bone.

Brennan asking Finn if he’d cried yet over losing Michelle. I loved the look she gave him right before she left.

“Nobody gets everything. We get what we love most.”

Brennan talking about the musty bouquet of antiquity of the Chalice, and Booth pointing out that they found it in a stinky locker.

Booth comparing the Chalice to the Stanley Cup.

Booth picking up the Chalice, setting off every alarm in the place and then trying to take a selfie with it.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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