Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “To Seek A Foe”

To Seek a Foe

Star-Crossed returned this week with “To Seek a Foe.” The episode saw Lucas fall victim to deadly toxins after Zoe’s plan to target Taylor failed. Emery, Roman and Drake teamed up to find the cure while trying to survive the wrath of Zoe. Meanwhile, Grayson dealt with the aftermath of his parents arrest while Taylor remains in the dark about her friend Zoe.

Here’s the highlights of tonight’s episode:

Hands down, the best scene of the night went to Emery and Roman’s underwater kiss that was more explosive than the blast. After Emery and Grayson’s emotional moments in last week’s episode it looked like the show runners would be testing the patience of Team Roman for a while longer, but in a surprising twist it looks like the destined couple are ready to take on the world together sooner rather than later. Roman also revealed the existence of the trags to Emery, something she wasn’t aware of. I was also confident that Zoe would stay the central villain for a while longer this season, but unless she has powers we don’t know about it looks like fans will have to say goodbye to the evil trag.

Taylor and Drake’s brief exchange of feelings was cute and refreshing. Drake isn’t completely cold after all. He lied to Taylor about Zoe’s absence to spare her feelings. He also loves blondes, but did it surprise you how quick he was to push Zoe into the explosion? It didn’t seem to take much for Roman to stop Drake from going 100% rogue. Will he be a problem again in the future?

Grayson discovering Emery is the one who told the reporter about his Red Hawk parents had him siding with her all the way. That was until he witnessed a long kiss and her confession to Roman that she needs to break up with Grayson because of her feelings for him. A second blow to the already delicate Grayson is sure to cause some upcoming issues when it comes to friendships and relationships. Could the rejection send him straight into the arms of the Red Hawks?

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