Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Quiet Minds”

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 15 Quiet Minds (5)

That’s what I’m talking about! Last night’s Once Upon a Time gave me all the bits and pieces that make me enjoy the show. The big action centered around the return of Rumplestiltskin and Neal, but there were also juicy developments for Regina and Robin Hood and loads more trouble courtesy of the Wicked Witch.

The Return of Neal
In flashbacks to the Enchanted Forest, we see that Baelfire is determined to bring Rumple back from the dead. To do this, he goes to see Belle and they research if there is a spell or something helpful in Rumple’s library. They get a hand from Lumière, a person who was imprisoned in a candelabra by Rumple. Belle and Baelfire don’t know that Lumière is actually working for the Wicked Witch.

One thought I had is that if the Wicked Witch knows where the key is (because Lumière knows), why not just take the key and have some stooge use it to open the Dark One’s vault? It’s a lot more work to have Baelfire and Belle track it down. Perhaps her reason is that she wants to hurt Rumple. There has to be some kind of significant backstory between these two. We know that Cora is the Wicked Witch’s mother, and we also know that Cora and Rumple had a thing back in the day. Is it possible that Rumple is the Wicked Witch’s father? It could explain why she is intent on hurting him.

By opening the vault, Baelfire sacrifices himself for his father. He doesn’t initially know that this is the price he will pay. When Neal arrives in Storybrooke, his spirit is intertwined with Rumple’s. Neal is disappointed to learn that Henry doesn’t remember him. Emma’s decision to keep Neal from Henry in hindsight is sad because Neal does not live much longer. There is a touching moment between Neal and Hook at the hospital where they acknowledge their affection from their time together when Neal was a boy. I loved the look that passes between Emma and Hook when they are at Neal’s bedside. Emma is conflicted over the man she used to love and someone she’s developing feelings for. Luckily, there’s a solution to the problem on the horizon.

I’ve never been a big fan of Neal and have previously advocated for his demise. When it’s time for Neal to die in this episode, I was a little sorry to see him go. I am glad that this will now clear the way for Hook, and Neal’s story wasn’t the strongest. It was an emotional scene when Emma and Rumple had to say goodbye to Neal.

Regina Reborn
I am loving the new Regina. In order for her to transform into a demi-hero, it was necessary to bring in another villain – aka the Wicked Witch. Now, she can embrace her good side and when she has the urge to be bad, she can direct it against her enemy.

Regina goes back to Zelena’s house to see if there are any more clues and runs into Robin Hood. We’ve known for a long time that he is her true love. She finally puts the pieces together and understands that he is the one Tinkerbell showed her years ago. The romantic tension between Regina and Robin is great. It’s unfortunate that she bails when she learns who he is. I think we’ll have a build up for this relationship, which will be fun. It’s nice to see Regina have someone who will be really into her.

Mary Margaret the Moron
Ok, that may be a little harsh, but come on. Mary Margaret has basically gone and taken candy from a stranger by letting Zelena into her home. She knows that the Wicked Witch is loose in the town, but has no problem bringing Zelena (who nobody knows) into her life. Can she at least try to put two and two together?

Zelena is after Mary Margaret’s baby and has put something in the orange juice she gives her. Mary Margaret should be very concerned about what exactly Zelena is up to. From Zelena’s gushings, it sounds like the baby will be coming in the next couple of weeks. The big question is whether Zelena will steal the child. I kind of hope not, because I don’t want the show to revert back to, “I have to save my child.” We had enough of that with Henry.

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