My 4 Wishes for the Final 6 Episodes of Warehouse 13

Claudia, Pete, Fargo, Myka, Artie, Steve, Leena - Warehouse 13

One of my favorite shows is ending soon, and I will miss it so much it hurts! After five seasons, Warehouse 13 will be ending. The fifth season will premiere April 14, at 9 pm Eastern time on Syfy, and be short; a mere 6 episodes. To be fair, the fourth season ran 20 episodes, which was longer than the previous 3 seasons which were each 12-13 episodes long. These final episodes are a long time coming since the last new episode to air was July 8, 2013!

I have complained plenty, and even written an article, 4 Reasons TV Viewers Should Have Closure, about the way networks cancel programs and leave the viewers hanging. In the case of Warehouse 13, Syfy channel is doing right by the fans and giving the writers time to wrap up story lines and hopefully give us a satisfying ending. No, I don’t want it to end, but it is, and there is nothing I can do about that!

In recent memory, one of the best series ending episodes was for Eureka. In that case, Syfy did not give them extra episodes to wrap it up, and in fact canceled the original order for a sixth season that was to be 6 episodes long. This change left the writers scrambling but they were able to do justice to the series and end it on a high note. Another satisfying recent series ending that comes to mind is the finale of Fringe which was aired on FOX.

So, what specifically do I want to see addressed in these final six episodes?

Please Don’t Kill Anyone Off

Myka - Warehouse 13

I know a series finale is a good opportunity to have a character make a grand sacrifice on behalf of the others on the show. We saw that in the Burn Notice series finale. But, in this case, I hope the writers do not take this path. Instead, put them in peril, bronze them, or send them off to another dimension, but please don’t kill them so that there is at least hope they can come back and carry on…

Yes, I know that Leena has already died, and some of the other main characters have been killed and resurrected. But, I care about all of these people, and honestly after all they have been through, they deserve happiness and camaraderie. For instance, find a way to cure Myka’s cancer, and let her live! After all, they have saved the entire world multiple times. Doesn’t that qualify them for a happy rest of their lives?

Claudia Donovan as Caretaker of Warehouse 13 or… Warehouse 14?

Claudia - Warehouse 13

When last we saw Claudia, she was facing off with Paracelsus inside the Warehouse, and oh, by the way, the Warehouse was shielded so no one could get in or out. Claudia had acted to save Mrs. Frederic’s life just before the end of the season 4 finale and used the ribbon to cut her ties to the Warehouse, making Claudia caretaker. Interestingly enough, Claudia had been resisting using the ribbon all season long, but she could delay no longer in order to keep Mrs. Frederic alive.

Who will triumph in the upcoming battle between Claudia and Paracelsus? My money is on Claudia, because she is very smart and resourceful, and oh yeah, determined! But, Paracelsus will no doubt give her a run for her money, since he is now linked to the Warehouse and immortal to boot! Yeah, he will be hard to kill… and oh by the way, he also cannot be bronzed. Maybe if she cannot wrest the Warehouse from his control, it will be necessary to destroy it and start over. Claudia is certainly up to the task.

And let’s not forget about Claudia’s sister Claire. We learned in the season 4 finale that she survived the car crash that killed their parents. This fact was concealed from Claudia to protect her. Apparently Claire is very dangerous and I expect her to play an important role in the final 6 episodes. But, oh dear! As if Claudia needs another foe? Seriously? I have all the faith in the world in Claudia and her abilities, but golly, what did she do to deserve this?

Don’t Break Up the Team

WAREHOUSE 13 "Trials" Season 3 Episode 2 (4)

A lot of shows seem to have season ending cliffhangers where the team is all dispersed to different locations. While I understand why they do it, it really annoys me when the writers break up teams. I will acknowledge that for a show that is returning, it can add a nice bit of drama as you watch how the team reunites.

But this is different. This is a series finale. Myka, Pete, Steve, Claudia and Artie are a team. They need each other and it is my hope they all will survive the final 6 episodes and continue their important work of “bagging and tagging!” That way I can continue to imagine them still out there saving the world!


Pete and Fargo - Warehouse 13

Whatever else happens, I expect a high level of zaniness and snark from this show. The characters all play well off each other and I really enjoy the fact that this show has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.

I want more great artifacts, more great moments of realization that the plan went sideways and “oh, boy, we are in trouble now,” and lots and lots of sassy dialogue! This show regularly puts a smile on my face, and I want that in each of the final six episodes!


If I can have my 4 wishes granted, then I will be a happy camper! Do you have any wishes for the final 6 episodes? Any thoughts on how the series will end? Please let me know in the comment section below – I love talking about Warehouse 13!