Intelligence Season 1 Review “Being Human”

It’s had its ups and downs, but Intelligence ended its first season on a strong note with “Being Human.” Though it was a fairly predictable follow-up to last week’s cliffhanger, it was still a satisfying end to the story, with a decent set-up should the show be renewed. Perhaps things can take a more serialized route, a la Person of Interest.

As far as problems with the episode, the biggest I had was that Gabriel’s mother wasn’t already under observation. When Lillian and the team figure it out, it’s treated like a big “a-ha!” moment, but wouldn’t that be one of the first places they would send someone, especially after he was shot? Also, the reveal that Weatherly was one of the bad guys fell sort of flat. He’s certainly been around, but he lacks the presence Tetazoo has had. It would’ve been more obvious to have Tetazoo as the villain, sure, but then his death would’ve felt like wrap up and not a waste.

On to the positive, I felt that Gabriel’s constructs were rather creative this week. My favorite was his use of satellite imaging to heat scan the woods, though the facial reconstruction bit was good to. Also, in a sign of smart writing, my suspicions about Lillian’s father acting out-of-character last week proved accurate, as he was seen meeting with Mei Chen in the final scene. Again, this wasn’t the most shocking reveal ever, but it did a good job of setting up that potential conflict for the future.

Now, given that this was the end of the first season, and possibly the entire series, I might as well go ahead and say that I’ve really enjoyed Intelligence overall. It had the basic growing pains one might expect out of a freshmen series, but it did manage to find its groove by the end. And though it might end on a cliffhanger, what we got was an enjoyable enough ride. If it does come back, though, I’ll gladly return to share my thoughts on season two.

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