Bitten Season 1 Review “Caged”

Bitten Episode 12 Caged (3)

Alright, there’s no need for any clever remarks here; this week’s Bitten was just terrible. “Caged” was a microcosm of everything that makes this show so cloying and unbearable. The finale is next week, and I’m still holding out the slightest hope they’ll do something worthwhile, but the odds are against them.

Watching Clay get tortured fell flat because, well, he’s a torturer himself; a bit of just desserts is understandable. Also, Clay’s unlikable personality aside, he’s been so frustratingly inconsistent about his stance on torture this season. He occasionally shows remorse, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s been doing it for years, sometimes gleefully. And while the stuff he was injected with might have messed him up, Santos’ hits lacked any sense of impact, so who knows how much he was actually hurt by it.

A lack of impact is actually a continuing problem for our merry gang of villains, as they were once again outsmarted like a bunch of children. Marsden, upon seeing Santos unconscious, thought it would be a good idea to walk outside without checking his corners? These guys are worse than AI video game villains from the early 2000s. Of course, Santos had to go running to the big boss, who has some new plan to take Jeremy out. I’m sure it’ll go great, given their track record…

Jeremy’s conversation with Logan was messed up, though that’s par for the course with the guy as of late. He was rocking some hardcore passive-aggression, and his false “buddy-buddy” dialogue was so blatantly transparent. Seriously, he was like corporate middle management; smiling and joking one second, but happy to fire you the next day if he had to. Oh, and he also casually tells Elena he planned to kill her years ago. Yet again, I wonder how the pack has made it as long as it has.

Another failed arc this season, and couldn’t I say that about all of the arcs, is the relationship between Elena and her pedophile (that is a weird sentence). When Santos first sought the guy out, I had hope that it could lead to some potentially riveting material, but ultimately, we got none of that. Aside from a brief moment where he showed up at her exhibition, there’s never been much of sense that Elena actually feels threatened by Victor at this point. She’s a more powerful, experienced werewolf, and she took him on in battle as soon as she had the chance. Now, he’s dead, and I can say for certain the show never needed to venture into child molestation if it wasn’t going to do anything new or weighty with it.