The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Down and Dirty”

With about half of the teams being knocked out, we’re left with the cream of the crop as The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Down and Dirty”. We’ve basically whittled it down to the all stars of the all stars, so I was excited to see the real race get started with this installment.

The episode got off to a crazy start with the Road Block, as the teams all had to fill up the awesomely named “Tuck Tucks” with some gas. This had to be one of the most ambitious challenges that we’ve ever seen on this show, and that’s saying something. When you think about the sheer logistics of getting at least 28 Tuck Tucks (four each for all 7 teams) at the same place at the same time, that’s pretty crazy. Then you realize that they’re clogging up this very busy gas station on this very busy road, and it added a crazy layer to this very frantic challenge. It was also yet another pretty dangerous challenge for this season, which hasn’t been shying away from the danger. Basically all of the team members got hit by a Tuck Tuck at least once, but thankfully they were so small that you could just push them out of the way.

The journey in between challenges usually isn’t that exciting, but there were a couple fun moments tonight. It was good seeing Brendon and Rachel make it to the train by the skin of their teeth, since I’ve really started to like them more and more in this season, but the best scene of the episode had to be that Tuck Tuck race between all of the teams. I don’t know how they got cameramen on all of those Tuck Tucks so fast, but that whole sequence was really great.

The cool challenges continued with the Detour, which were both appropriately themed around elephants. The log challenge was much more fun to watch, if only for getting to see those elephants in action. Man, those things are no joke! The challenges were equally split into a “manual labor” one and a “skilled” one, which is how it usually shakes out. I was glad that we didn’t have any flights or major traveling going on this week, because we had way more screen time dedicated to these challenges than we normally would.

I’m not sure how I felt about all of the dirty play at the end. Between the Afghanimals telling someone to block the cowboys, and the Globetrotters being sent to an entirely different place, there was definitely a lot more backstabbing than there usually is at this point of the leg. Usually you just get in a cab and hope for the best.

Well this was yet another non-elimination leg, so now we have to wait two weeks to see if the country singers can stick around with the Speed Bump. I’ll see you guys in two weeks!

Random Thoughts:

– This must have been a tough episode to be a cameraman! They could barely get an angle on that refueling Road Block, and then they all had to hop on those Tuck Tucks really quick to film that exciting chase scene!

– Do they not have the same tally marks in Sri Lanka that we do in the states? The ladies at the paper challenge didn’t cross off the fifth tally!

– I was really hoping that one of those dancers with the masks at the pit stop was going to be Phil.