Suits Season 3 Review “Heartburn” – Welcome to the Family

Suits Season 3 Episode 14 Heartburn (4)

In this episode of Suits, called “Heartburn,” someone in the firm has a medical emergency, while Mike realizes what it truly means to have a glass ceiling over his head.

If I’m not mistaken, something very special happened in this episode. It’s something that I didn’t actually think we’d ever see. But it appears as though Louis has truly been accepted as part of the family at the firm.

Now I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now and thinking I’m a fool because, of course, Louis has always been a part of the family, right? Not in the way that he became last night. Since day one on this show, Louis has mostly been portrayed as an enemy, an idiot, a weirdo and basically an outsider to the Circle of Trust formed by Jessica, Harvey and those closest to them. Louis was the guy they all made fun of, even when they were acknowledging what a good lawyer he was.

Amazing what a little death-scare can do for people’s feelings. From Donna running straight to the hospital to sit at his bedside (despite his protests) to Harvey accepting his hug and then accepting his offer of best man, something changed. Louis is now a true member of the family, but the saddest part is that his other family fell apart in the process. There were many wonderful Louis moments in this episode, but Louis and Sheila coming to the realization they couldn’t be together because Louis’ heart aches to be a father… wow.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns for Mike in this episode and I felt for him as well. Like Jessica, I assumed he knew all along what it meant for his career that he got himself into the firm under shady circumstances. I had no sympathy at all for him at first, but when Jessica told Harvey that Mike didn’t really realize what that meant, I saw it from Mike’s side of things. He’s stuck at a firm where he will never be able to move much beyond where he is now. When Harvey presented him with his options, there was no doubt in my mind that Mike would choose to stay and enjoy the ride on the Pearson Specter rocket. That was before Mike got another offer. What will he do now that he has another option? I still don’t think he’ll leave the firm, but I won’t blame him for considering it.

Rachel was on her game in this episode and I admired the fact that she never backed down from getting her Harvard tuition. Going to Louis to get his advice without letting him know what she was talking about so as not to upset him was pretty genius, as was using Harvey as a living prop for her second meeting with Jessica. I’m still suspicious that there’s more behind Louis’ supposed broken promise to her, but for now I’m happy Rachel got what she wanted.

My favorite bits:

Louis accidentally calling Sheila “Mom.”

“Your love has made me dry, Sheila.”

Knowing Louis was in trouble the moment he said, “Today is my goddamn day.”

Rachel totally not paying attention to Mike.

Pulling the fire alarm as a tactic? I heart Norma so much right now.

“I’m gonna sue you for sucking!” – Is that really a thing?? If so I have a few names I’d like to take to court.

Donna claiming Harvey’s coffee after telling him it wasn’t good enough of an apology for Scottie.

Louis totally winning over the jury.. And then promptly collapsing. I had a feeling it was coming, but still. Oh, no!

Everyone in the room coming to a standstill when they found out Louis had a heart attack.

Harvey saying they needed to go see Louis and then knowing that Louis was allergic to flowers. because he used to send them to be a jerk.

Donna knowing immediately that she needed to see Louis, no matter what he told Norma.

“You are never allowed to have a heart attack, okay?”

Louis and Donna crying. That’s all it took to send me into tears.

Donna telling Louis that he couldn’t die because Harvey would be a total mess. Aw.

Mike not being able to hold back his slight chuckle when Jonathan suggested that he would be running the firm by the time he was 40.

Yikes, that was one awkward talk between Rachel and Jessica.

Louis apologizing for having a heart attack.

Sheila saying if Louis died, she wanted to die too.

Oh. My, God…. I never ever saw that proposal coming. Most romantic scene ever. And the heiny poking out of the hospital gown was a nice touch.

“The next time you go around acting like a 4-year-old throwing tantrums with me, I’ll be the one firing you.”

“You’re a pretty good lawyer when you want to be. So maybe try doing it for our side this time.” – Ouch, Harvey.

“Bad night?”
“Only if you calling figuring out a way to crush someone’s hopes and dreams bad.”

Louis jumping in and surprising Harvey. He looked like a little kid.

I need that Harvey/Louis hug on a GIF, like, now.

“It’s the happiest moment of my life.”
“I’ll send my condolences to the bride-to-be.”

Louis asking Harvey to be his best man. The Harvey/Louis bromance has reached epic levels. I think I’m having my own heart attack…..the good kind

Rachel admitting to Donna that she kind of hated Louis’ guts at that moment.

Jessica giving Louis the picture of him with the gang.

Really, really want to see Louis dance after Jessica talked about his prowess.

“You’re family.” – Excuse me a second… *passes out.*

“The genius of Donna is every day.” – Indeed it is and that’s why we love you, Donna.

Mike telling Harvey that he wanted to go legit.

Dangit, I kind of thought for a second there that there was a way for Mike to go legit, but Harvey is right, committing another fraud doesn’t solve anything.

“My advice is hold on tight and enjoy the ride.”

“That’s why she wanted me here. I’m Exhibit A.”

“No, Rachel’s right. I’m pretty awesome.” – And so humble to boot, Harvey.

Mike getting an interesting job offer. Loved that Jonathan used a baseball reference, just like Harvey did.

Sheila pointing out that Louis’ love of mudding was not weird.

“Please don’t make me leave my family.” – Could she have really said anything else after that??

Okay, seriously, can *I* marry Louis?? Him talking about children just killed me. Now I can’t wait to see him as a father someday.

Sheila refusing to let Louis give up children for her. Who knew she had that in her?

Donna immediately going to check on Louis when she saw Sheila crying at the elevator, and then just quietly sitting there next to him.

Donna ordering Harvey to call and apologize to Scottie.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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