Rake Season 1 Review “50 Shades of Gay”

Rake Episode 10 50 Shades of Gay (5)

This week’s episode of Rake, titled “50 Shades of Grey”, was all about relationships and the confusion that goes along with them. Mikki and Kee topped the list with Mikki’s minute of insanity after David proposes to her. It was unexpected, but not surprising that she looked like she wanted to run away as soon as the words left his mouth. Her inevitable escape to Kee’s was hilarious as he continuously reminded her that she failed the test in between begging her to use him. These two are bound to be together at some point but the possibility is put on pause when David chases down a mugger and takes a bullet. It looks like Mikki is considering marriage now.

Meanwhile, Leanne wants to know if Roy has asked about her. Her questioning has Kee reminding her that he’s a married man with a pregnant wife. Even Kee won’t stoop that low. Maybe he does have some morals….and the power! And in this episode he seems to have more than the lot who are all trying to make deals with Kee to have their name taken out of a black book he has come into possession with thanks to his client. Even Maddy has gone mad when she punches Finn’s teacher and former girlfriend in the face for saying that Finn has mommy issues. Scarlett also proved that she isn’t so squeaky clean after she’s disappointed in Ben for staying faithful to her.

The rest of the episode Leanne spends her time trying to one-up Kee’s new secretary. The competition is destined to end soon because there is no way Kee could live without Leanne since she seems to be the only female in his life that he manages to keep around. The storyline is still cute and entertaining even if it feels like pointless filler at the moment. Matty’s pillow scene was also monotonous and something we’ve seen hundreds of times.

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