Exclusive Interview: Laura Haddock Talks ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Season 2, Flashbacks, Lucrezia’s Journey and More

DaVinci's Demons 2014 Laura Haddock

Da Vinci’s Demons returned for its second season last week answering the big question about Da Vinci and Lorenzo’s fate. But with such an enigmatic opening, it is clear that Season 2 is only starting and new questions are arising.

TV Equals got a chance to talk to Laura Haddock, who portrays Lucrezia in the series, about this second season. She talked about Lucrezia’s relationship with both Da Vinci and Lorenzo, a flashback episode which will shed light onto her actions, this season’s cliffhanger, and more.

TV Equals: What’s been your approach to Lucrezia, and how has it been different this season as compared to last season?

Laura Haddock: This season I got the opportunity to go back in time with her. So I got to see who she was ten years ago, and something happened in her life that affected her hugely. I certainly understood a lot more about her and why she is the way that she is. So my approach this season was just to kind of to really, really explore who she was as a sixteen year old. She was happier, lighter. She was excited about life, and she was ready to move out of her teenage years and into being a young woman and fall in love and have her heart broken and daydream about being a mom, all those different things. Then this thing happened, and it meant that she had to take a different path than she was…her life took a really tragic turn and it’s affected her hugely.

TV Equals: Did you know her back story before this season?

Laura Haddock: Yeah. Well, David [Goyer] and I had quite a lot of conversations about what we thought may have happened to her in her past, and why she’s doing the things that she’s doing. We knew that we wanted to justify what she’s doing. We knew we wanted it to be something that would really, really affect somebody, but then David and the writers, when they gave me the scripts for the second season and I read what they kind of decided upon, I was really blown away by it because it really helped me understand who she is and why she does the things that she’s doing. It doesn’t ever justify…nothing would ever justify what she’s doing, but it’s pretty close.

TV Equals: At what point do we see the flashback, throughout the season or in one episode?

Laura Haddock: [Episode] Four.

TV Equals: How does her relationship with Da Vinci evolve this season?

Laura Haddock: I mean, the first season was great because I think she realized, and I realized that she was definitely capable of falling in love, and I don’t think she thought that she was. I definitely feel like she felt, like her heart was locked off, locked down and she would never be able to feel happiness or longing or love, and she did, which is great because it means that she’s real and relatable. I wanted to make sure that she had these, like, human, relatable sides to her character as well as things that no one can relate to, she’s this crazy, murderous woman. But the second season, they kind of go off on their own separate journeys. She’s now on a journey knowing that someone saw some good on her, and she really opened up to that person, not fully, but she was able to open up to him a little bit, which is good. I think he’s definitely her strength a lot of the time. A lot of the time, she thought, ‘Even though I’m not with him very much, what would he do in this situation? What would he be saying to do? What would his answer be?’ So that was really great. I felt like she lives quite a solitary existence, but suddenly this man has come into her life that is with her, if not physically, in her heart or emotionally with her.

TV Equals: What is the status of her father at this point? Is she still pursuing that?

Laura Haddock: Yeah. We’ll see…we’ll definitely see more of that storyline in season two.

TV Equals: What about Lorenzo?

Laura Haddock: Lorenzo. He was for Lucrezia someone who she was told she had to be with. So he was just a puppet and there was a puppeteer above her, saying, ‘You need to be in a relationship with this person, and get answers from this person and feed the information back to Rome for us.’ So Lorenzo would’ve been, I think, a kind of man that Lucrezia would’ve been with or would’ve like to have had a relationship with in her early twenties had she not gone through what she’d been through. He would’ve been someone that I think she probably would’ve gone on dates with, but she never allowed herself to feel anything for him because it was work. I certainly think she felt guilty when it came to Lorenzo because she knew that he loved her, or said that he loved her, and so a lot of the things that she was doing hurt her because she knew in the end it would hurt him.

TV Equals: Do they have any interaction this season at all or do we see a falling out?

Laura Haddock: Yeah, at some point this season, you see the two of them.

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TV Equals: What is her journey this season, what does she want?

Laura Haddock: She wants to avenge what happened to her and her family when she was sixteen.

TV Equals: So episode four will reveal a lot of her purpose?

Laura Haddock: Exactly. Her purpose has always been this, has always been to avenge this thing that happened, but the audience gets to see what happened. So hopefully they will understand her purpose a bit more, and it will feel clearer. She wants to find peace. She wants to find happiness. She wants to avenge what happened, and then she just wants to walk away. I don’t know if she’ll be able to, but she just desperately wants to.

TV Equals: Is there anything else you can tease about this season, a special moment or episode, that you’re looking forward for people to see?

Laura Haddock: I’m really looking forward for the audience to see the final episode. I think Lucrezia demonstrates all kinds of strength and weaknesses toward the end of the series. I’m looking forward to seeing whether people think that what she’s fighting for is just.

TV Equals: Last season had a crazy cliffhanger. Should we hold on tight to our seats again this season?

Laura Haddock: Oh, I definitely think you’ll be holding on tight to your seats. I think it’s tricky, isn’t it, when you’re working with someone like Leonardo Da Vinci because he, by his very nature, falls in and out of love with things so quickly. He famously started paintings and never finished them because he fell in love with the next idea that he wanted to do. His eyes are wide open to the world. He’s so curious to the world that I wonder if you tied him down to one thing, I wonder if he would just combust.

TV Equals: What’s been the most surprising part about being involved in this whole project?

Laura Haddock: Everything that he achieves and everything that he started to invent and then never finished and somebody else picked up the ideas. I didn’t realize…I thought that he was an artist and a painter. I didn’t realize that he was this extraordinary inventor. So that’s been really interesting. I’ve really enjoyed seeing friends of mine that I have worked with previously, on other jobs as well, now working on this project. I’ve really enjoyed seeing their interpretation of these characters. I think that’s been really exciting just from an actor’s point of view, just from my point view, Laura’s point of view. It’s been really lovely working with such a lovely cast, and I’m really blown away by a lot of their talent. They’re all really, really super good actors. I think that’s been pretty good.

TV Equals: What has the fan reaction been like for you and for the show?

Laura Haddock: Good, yeah. I think it’s been great. I think they like it. […] It was really nice going to Comic-Con this year and seeing the reaction from people who have watched the first season. That was really cool, like to hear people talk about it. They’re all so intelligent when it comes to talking about the show that I kind of think, ‘Do you want to be a part of the writer’s room and come in and write on it because you’re so clued up on the whole thing?’ The fans are really supportive, and really…yeah, it’s definitely helped. You never know when you make a TV show about someone who’s real and really existed, you don’t know whether people are going to claim that and then feel offended by your interpretation of that person and their ideal of that person, but it seems like people are kind of digging it and jumping onboard with it. So that’s pretty cool.

TV Equals: If you could guest star on any show, which one would it be?

Laura Haddock: So many. Oh my God, even shows that aren’t even on anymore, like ‘The Sopranos’ I would’ve loved to have guested on. ‘Good Wife.’ That’s still on. ‘Nashville’ I love. I really like ‘Nashville.’ ‘Mad Men.’ ‘Girls.’ I mean, there’s a real big array. I loved ’24.’ I would’ve loved to have gone in for a season of ’24.’

Season 2 of Da Vinci’s Demons currently airs on Saturdays at 9pm on Starz.

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