‘The Good Wife’ Cast and Crew Explain Josh Charles’ Exit

Fans of The Good Wife who are still in shock over the exit of Josh Charles can take small comfort from the video CBS released featuring the cast and crew discussing why Charles’ Will was written off. The short answer, as Charles puts it, he was “ready for the next chapter.” Unfortunately, that meant Will had to exit and the writers gave the fan favorite character a devastating sendoff that will have a major impact on every character on the series.

Of course, it’s Alicia who will be impacted the most. The video reveals Alicia will be forced to truly stand on her own now that Will is gone. But can the show move forward without one of its most important characters? Watch the video below and then let us know in the comments if you are ready to accept a Will-less The Good Wife.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9pm on CBS.