Twisted Season 1 Review “Danny, Interrupted”

Twisted Episode 12 Dead Men Tell Big Tales (7)

Ever since Charlie stepped onto the scene in Twisted, I’ve been wanting to be proven wrong about his bad intentions but in this penultimate episode of season one, ‘Danny, Interrupted’, hopes of that were dashed for good. Charlie is a bad guy, and he’s after Danny’s life. The only trouble is that Danny’s not the most level-headed, sympathetic guy himself these days and, although we know it’ll work out badly for her in the end, you can’t blame Jo for being caught in the middle.

Ahead of the ultimate confession, or at least some other resolution to the Vikram murder story, Jack has been pulled in for questioning by Kyle. Whoever covered up the murder for Danny and Jo did a pretty good job of framing the most likely suspect – the only person other than Danny and Karen who stands to gain from the massive life insurance payout – but, as we know that Jack didn’t have anything to do with the faked car wreck, are we sure it was Charlie who was really behind it?

And that’s not the only big lie floating around Greengrove right now, as Tess also discovered that the paper’s she found on her adoption weren’t telling the whole story. This was a bit of a weird way to drag out the storyline until the finale, but the prospect of someone we know being Tess’s real progeny makes up for the stilted storytelling. Does this mean that Whitney is almost definitely Jo’s half-sister? Or could it be something far creepier, like Charlie or even Danny? It has to be someone we know, right?

I don’t genuinely think Twisted would go there, but it’s a possibility I’d like to entertain until we find out for sure. This second half of the season hasn’t been nearly as strong as the first and, with the ticking time bomb of Charlie likely to be the focus of next week’s finale, it’s a shame that we haven’t spent more time on Danny’s slow unraveling. I’ve said it before, but it’s Danny and the constant, lingering question of whether he’s really as unbalanced as people think he is that’s been and continues to be the best thing about the show.

What did you think of the episode? Is Tess’ child someone we know? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.