The 100 Season 1 Review “Earth Skills”

Goggles lives! Yes, despite a spear through the chest, Jasper was rescued this week, and I’m admittedly happier than I should be over this fact. Truth is, ever since watching Digimon as a kid, I just like characters with googles. Weird personal affinities aside, though, The 100 turned a strong second outing with “Earth Skills,” deepening the mystery of the planet our young characters are exploring.

The rescue party offered the most character beats this week, though I had to question Finn’s decision to split the group. On the one hand, he was obviously trying to get Clarke away from Bellamy and his lackey. However, it seems like he could’ve at least tried to bring Wells with him, given that Bellamy has it out for anyone with connections to Ark officials. That said, Wells managed to hold his own by taking out the cat creature that attacked, though I doubt saving Bellamy’s life is going to win him any favor.

That aside, though, it’s interesting to see how quickly the show is setting up the power dynamic on the ground. Bellamy is using his big ideas and rebellious spirit to win over some, while using his power to intimidate the others. Conversely, Clarke is more interested in the survival of the group; instead of playing the political game, she’s manipulating Bellamy in order to save Jasper one second and undermining him at dinner the next. Eventually, the two sides are going to come to a head, but for now, I’m just enjoying the fact that our lead heroine is so competent.

I remember a few years back, every network was trying their best to clone the Lost formula, and honestly, The 100 might be the best example of how to do it right, at least so far. Sure, it’s a bit more sci-fi right from the start, but the focus isn’t on the high concept of a flash-forward or an alien invasion. Right now, it’s all about developing the characters and giving us a reason to care what happens to them, while giving hints of what threats are out in the jungle. Plus, Grounders sounds pretty close to Others; just saying.

Up on the Ark, Abigail realized that the 100 were willingly taking off their bracelets, though not without some generous help. It was a bit much to think none of the scientists would imagine a bunch of prisoners might decide to rebel against their captors, but at least it wasn’t dragged out another few weeks. More interestingly, the chancellor immediately suspected that Kane was behind his shooting. Now though Kane could easily be a red herring, there’s at least some solid evidence to suspect the man. He’s so dead-set on airlocking citizens, it seems likely he would want to see the 100 plan fail. In fact, putting Bellamy on the ground as an agitator could only help his cause. At any rate, it’s the best theory so far, but we’ll see how things go down the line.

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