Survivor Season 28 Review “We Found Our Zombies”

After a big blindside last week saw former NBA player Cliff get blindsided, Survivor returned tonight with “We Found Our Zombies” and another big surprise departure right off the bat.

It’s very rare that anybody ever quits the game without any medical reason or being eliminated, but this one was one of the more despicable ones that I can remember. Lindsey wasn’t hurt, she wasn’t about to get voted out, she just wussed out and quit! That was it! I guess I have to give her a little bit of credit for having a somewhat original excuse; that she didn’t trust herself to not physically hurt Trish. It’s still a little frustrating that she was even cast if she thinks that she’s that volatile and unpredictable. Don’t the Survivor casting people do some kind of psychological testing before sending these guys to the island? In all reality I just don’t think that she was emotionally mature enough to handle being stuck together with people that she may not like, which is disappointing. There are thousands of people who would want to play this game and wouldn’t quit when they get upset, so it is very irritating whenever this happens. As someone wrote in the sand: “Shame on you, Lindsey”.

Moving on, the reward challenge was the same “Knock an idol off your opponent’s handle” that we had in Survivor: Philippines. It seemed like most everybody is using the same strategy that Mike Skupin used in that season, where you throw your own idol up in the air and lunge to knock your opponents to the ground before yours hits. It was a good challenge, with an interesting reward in the shape of a camp raid.

Have we ever seen a camp raid like this before? I was a bit worried when I heard about it, because if they were able to get whatever they want they could theoretically decimate the other tribe, but that thankfully wasn’t the case. It also added a funny extra layer to the proceedings when Tony decided to mess with them a little bit by giving Jeremiah a phony clue. It seemed like such a goofy idea when he proposed it to Woo, but it really might end up coming back into play later. I was a bit surprised that Jeremiah wasn’t a bit more convincing when trying to tell his tribe about the clue. He was still being a little shady about the whole thing, especially considering how the clue was bogus anyway.

Tony yelling out “Top Five” after his team won the (very cool) immunity challenge was pretty dumb and shortsighted. Not only is his team down by two (well, one after tribal), but he needs to learn that people this vocal and aggressive rarely end up doing well in this game. There’s a possibility that Tony could possibly make it to the end if he wins some individual immunity challenges, but right now he’s playing a pretty good third place game, but not any better.

So Alexis ended up being the one to go home, and I’m a little surprised that she was so shocked by it. She did a lot of scheming and second guessing, which always puts a big target on your back. It looks like Sarah will have a lot of power going into the merge soon, and I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out!

Random Thoughts:

– Does Alexis remind anybody else of Amy Acker, from Angel and most recently Person of Interest?

– Maybe it’s just my shallow side talking here, but it seems like they’re finding an excuse every week to show as much of Morgan’s body as possible.

– How cool is Jeff Probst? I love how he just casually walked over to Lindsey and sat down next to her on the sand. He just completely embodies the show at this point, so I’m glad they’ve renewed the show and his contract for two more seasons. We’ll be able to see Jeff Probst host 30 seasons of a TV show! That’s crazy!