Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Allegiance”


I was surprised by the direction of last night’s Person of Interest. After last week’s episode that ramped up the threat of Samaritan, this week felt like the balloon was deflated. Yes, there was a tie in between the generators and Samaritan, and Root was trailing Decima’s front man, Greer, but there didn’t seem to be a sense of urgency. I would figure with impending doom, they’d be a little more motivated to stop Samaritan.

Instead, the person of interest story focused on Maria, who worked for some kind of hydraulic engineering company, and her boyfriend, Omar. Omar was in custody and scheduled to be deported. Maria knew that deportation meant certain death. So Finch, Reese, Shaw, and even Fusco swoop in to help.

I didn’t care for the first part of the story where Maria picked up a package and brought it to the United Nations event. From the get go, Shaw and Reese assume that Maria is engaged in terrorist activities and the package is some kind of bomb. It was obvious from the vague conversations and the fact that the package looked like an envelope of documents that Maria wasn’t trying to blow anything up. If Shaw and Reese are so savvy with criminals, I would’ve thought they could figure that out. I also thought it was ridiculous that Shaw took out her gun and carried it across the room with nobody noticing. Not exactly stealthy.

I also didn’t buy that they were able to slip in and out of the United Nations so easily, or that Shaw would be able to fire a massive weapon several times into the United Nations headquarters. It’s New York and a high profile international institution – someone wouldn’t be able to camp out on the sidewalk and fire a weapon at it. It might have been more believable to move the action elsewhere – like the diplomat’s home. It was also a bit ridiculous that Finch and Reese could pose like attorneys, stroll into the diplomat’s office and have him hand them Omar’s file. That would never happen. I know a lot of this would never happen – but when the mundane details are not credible, it destabilizes my ability to buy into the fantasy.

I did enjoy the new dynamic between Shaw and Fusco. It feels like they are starting to understand and warm up to one another. The new information we got on Shaw and her parents was interesting. These insights make her a sympathetic character. I also liked that Fusco got to take a more active role in the action – like stealing the fire truck and participating in the brawl. I am guessing that Kevin Chapman is really happy with his new, expanded role.

As for Root, I would think she would be very concerned with the fact that Greer is able to disrupt the machine’s operations so quickly and easily. If she knew that Greer was doing that, then she clearly understood that they were on to her. Why then would she have assumed that Greer would be alone when she confronted him with Bear? I have the feeling that Root may be tempted by Greer’s offer to join them. It would be interesting to have her swing back to Team Machine enemy status.

Was it just me or did this Bear look different from the Bear we usually see? I get they probably have more than one dog, but I thought Bear was a little fluffier. I loved it when Finch caught him raiding the treats. It was a little surprising, though, that Finch didn’t fuss about Root taking Bear with her.

If Samaritan is such a massive threat to the machine, it seems like tracking it down should be their top priority. Hopefully, that’s where we’re heading.

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