NCIS Season 11 Review “Crescent City” – The Magic Touch

Crescent City

In this episode of NCIS, called “Crescent City,” an old friend of Gibbs needs help with a case down in New Orleans and a new team is introduced for another possible spin-off.

I’m going to admit right now to being extremely biased on this whole idea of NCIS: New Orleans. First of all, I love the city of New Orleans and second of all, I’ve had the biggest crush on Scott Bakula ever since he starred in Quantum Leap. In fact I still have a tape (yes, I said tape) of the album he recorded for that that show. His version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” will break your heart.

All that aside though, this episode had all of the elements that make for a great spin-off. How do I know that? Because many of them were in the first episode of NCIS, the one that aired as part of JAG. There was the older, silver-haired and handsome leader, the younger and equally handsome second-in-command, the witty medical examiner and the new girl who is a lot tougher than she looks.

But that’s where the similarities ended for me. Sure, there was something familiar about the backbone of NCIS: New Orleans, but each of the new characters was their own person. King and Gibbs aren’t the same guy any more than Tony and Chris are, Kate and Brody would be or Loretta and Ducky are. The spots are the same, but the people filling them aren’t.

The familiarity was something that did work for me though. I liked how connected all of these people were from the moment we met them. I had no trouble picturing King and Gibbs as young probies under Franks and McLane. I found it interesting that their friendship went back so far that only Abby and Ducky knew them on Gibbs’ team, since they’ve been with him the longest. Fornell even got in on it and suddenly there was a threesome in the Gibbs/Fornell bromance.

Watching Gibbs and King work together was a lot of fun and I am intrigued by this “magic touch” that he seems to have. The fact that Gibbs knew all about it and asked him to use it was very interesting as well. I wonder if it will end up being like Gibbs’ mysterious boat-building in the first seasons. Are we going to forever wonder where King got his talent and how he discovered it?

Overall, I enjoyed this episode and if NCIS: New Orleans made it to series I would definitely watch it. For me, it too had that magic touch.

My favorite bits:

“Beer helps me dance, doesn’t help me run.”

Thinking that if King’s ex-wife didn’t want him, I’d happily accept his invitation. Just sayin’.

The easy way King and Chris talked to each other and the fact that Chris new King was lying about how he looked. That speaks of a long friendship.

LOVE the fact that they photoshopped pics of young Mark Harmon and young Scott Bakula into the old newspaper article.

Tony and McGee debating whether or not they should help Bishop with her car.

“I’ll just keep my nose out of your whatchamacallit if you don’t mind.” – Good call, Tony.

Gibbs and Bishop not using one correct auto term while working on the car. Hilarious.

“Hello, my brother.” – I’m liking the way he says that more and more.

“I only punched that XO once.”
“Once was enough.”

Gibbs informing his team that he trusted King with his life and they could trust him, too.

Bishop claiming she couldn’t get drunk. Say what?

Fornell walking in to Gibbs’ place and inviting himself over for dinner.

King demonstrating his magic touch. Whoo boy, I am liking this guy a lot.

The dumfounded look on Tony’s face when Gibbs asked him how his love life was going.

“They think we can’t do another autopsy? Well you better bloody well watch us!” – Go Ducky!

King and Abby bonding, and working on the case, while using a fishing video game.

Bishop tossing the clicker at Tony. Nice.

Gibbs stepping aside so that King could lay his hands on Speakman. Gibbs’ “Uh oh” right before it happened was hilarious.

“Kind of old school. Think you made your point there, King?”
“Old school still works in Louisiana.”

The look on Chris’ face when Brody slammed their snooty suspect’s head onto the table.

Gibbs and King playing Go Fish in the interrogation room. That is a technique I might expect from Tony, but it sure did work.

“Is that a rainbow?”
“It’s a double rainbow, with a pot of gold.”
“You wanna see my leprechaun?”

King and Gibbs arguing over who started the stopping of the elevator move. Haha!

Finding out King got his nickname.

“New Orleans doesn’t forget, it forgives.”

Bishop’s reaction to seeing her first NOLA funeral.

King immediately bringing back some chaos when he saw how clean the office was.

Huh, Brody and Gibbs know each other? Interesting.

Ooh! Cool new music in Abby’s lab.

Abby calling Tony, McGee and Fornell “TMF.”

Gibbs theorizing that maybe Bishop’s thing was actually a woman thing when Brody started doing it, too.

“Why does everything in this part of town smell like beer?”
“Probably ’cause your standing in a puddle of bachelor party vomit.” – Eeeew.

Chris and King knowing exactly what popcorn, junk food and pigeon crap added up to.

Creepy guy taking the team’s picture. Oh, boy.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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