James Roday, Dule Hill and Steve Franks Look Back on ‘Psych’ Before the Series Finale

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After countless homages, pineapples and creative pseudonyms for Gus, Psych is closing its doors tonight, Wednesday, March 26th at 9pm on USA (followed by an after-show at 10:07pm). Stars James Roday and Dule Hill, along with Psych creator Steve Franks recently took part in a conference call to discuss their memories of the past eight seasons and to show their appreciation for all the Psych-O’s who helped make the series a success. TV Equals joined in the call, and we have one last scoop of Psych goodness to offer up as a result. Check out the highlights from the interview below, then get ready to see how it all ends in “The Break-Up.”

The Last Night of Undead Filming

The last night of filming for the show was not the emotional affair you might think it was. In fact, the final shots filmed were for “The Nightmare on State Street,” and Roday and Hill had already said their goodbyes to most of the cast and crew. What was left was a surreal final night where the set was overrun with zombies. “It was a great celebration of all the crazy things we’ve done, and perhaps the craziest thing we’ve done was that night,” Franks said.

Roday, who directed the outing, noted that, “It was a little easier on the palette that we ended with everyone in full zombie makeup with flesh dripping off their faces.”

Here’s a tidbit that should make Psych-O’s smile: the final thing ever shot in Psych‘s eight year run was Gus screaming.

On Their Loyal Fandom

Psych‘s passionate fandom helped feed the energy of the cast and crew. Roday, Hill and Franks all had fond memories of fan encounters to share. For Hill, he just loved interacting with fans on every level from the conventions to meeting someone on the street. He told us that the fans were always “genuinely happy.” “The fact that your work can have that affect on people is humbling,” he said.

Roday and Franks both spoke about the many children who chose to visit the set through the Make a Wish foundation. Being able to make the kids’ lives better and happier, even for just a day was rewarding. They spoke specifically of a young girl named Anna King, who took herself off the heart donor list for three days to visit the set. Roday wore a bracelet Anna gave him for most of the final season.

As to what they hope fans will take away from the show, Hill and Roday both hope fans remember the laughter. Franks concurred, adding, “I always wanted, in a small way, to make the world a tiny bit of a better place through our silly little hour that came on and jumped into people’s lives.”

Their Favorite Gus and Shawn Moments

Gus and Shawn have had countless adventures from a trip to London that went awry, to a return to their childhood summer camp that turned deadly to multiple encounters with Yang…that were also deadly. There was a lot of avoiding death tucked in between the laughs, but things never got dour thanks to the buddies’ unbreakable bond.

Hill’s favorite moment came when he and Roday got to take to the stage in “American Duos,” the first episode of season two. For Hill, that was the moment he realized just how funny Psych could really be. It is also special to him because the episode was inspired by backstage shenanigans between himself and Roday– he and Roday spent so much time dancing around the set off-camera that the writers decided to write an episode that allowed to show off their skills onscreen.

Roday had a tougher time narrowing down a specific moment, but he ultimately went with the scene in the Yin/Yang episode where the guys fight over who should die first because neither of them wants to watch the other go. Roday loved the dichotomy of their relationship where on a weekly basis one of them would take off running and leave the other for dead, but they would also die for each other when things got real.

And Franks? Well, he always wanted to see Gus and Shawn get into a fist fight and he finally made it happen in “Indiana Shawn.” He loved the episode so much that he wanted the dagger the guys fight over as a memento, and he lucked out when someone from the show sent it to him.

The Stories That Were Never Told…

The one thing Franks wanted to do every season, but couldn’t make happen was a time travel episode. He just couldn’t make it work without actual time travel. Roday just wanted to complete his The Breakfast Club set. “I can finally say it,” Roday said. “I feel like Emilio is the one who got away from us.”

What They Will Miss the Most…

It turns out the answer to that question is lots of things. Franks wanted everyone to know he will miss the Blendz Milk Chocolate Mocha, which is only sold in Canada, while Roday reminisced about how “the exact right people got together at the exact right time” to make a show on their terms with little to no network interference. However, it was Hill who offered up a sentiment they could all agree on: they will all miss the daily laughter.

“Every last day I showed up, it was an emotional release,” Hill said. “I loved going to work. We laughed every day and all day.”

Roday added, “For eight years, there was at least one moment a day I laughed; we made each other laugh to the point of vomiting sometimes. We had the best medicine for eight years.”

Is This Really the End of Psych?

For now, but no one was willing to say this is the end forever. While they have all moved on to other projects now, Franks said, “I would love to make a movie above all else. Most of us would be really excited to get back into to this world.” So perhaps, one day Shawn and Gus will ride again.

Psych Season 8 Episode 10 The Break-Up (6)

Share your favorite Psych memories in the comments below, and don’t forget the series finale airs tonight at 9pm on USA.

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