BBC America Announces First Original Comedy ‘Almost Royal’ [+Photos]

BBC America is entering into the original comedy ring with Almost Royal, a seven episode comedy about siblings Georgie (Ed Gamble) and Poppy Carlton (Amy Hoggart), who are distant relatives of the Royal family. As a result, the sheltered duo have lived charmed lives. However, when they agree to allow a camera crew to film their road trip across America, they will be exposed to a whole new world. For Poppy, the trip offers the opportunity to become a minor celebrity. She doesn’t care much about what she is famous for, she just wants to be known for something. Georgie just wants to become more “manly” so that he can fill his father’s shoes as the Caunty Manor.

While BBC America has imported a small selection of British comedies in the past (including The Office and Twenty Twelve), the network hasn’t had much luck maintaining a comedy block. Perhaps, their first foray into comedy will give them something to build on.

Almost Royal premieres Saturday, June 21, 10:00pm ET following the Orphan Black season two finale.

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