The Tomorrow People Season 1 Review “Endgame”

If I had to choose one word to describe the theme of this week’s The Tomorrow People, it would be perspective. It is very rare that two people have the same perspective on the same set of facts. Inevitably, individuals bring their own life experiences, prejudices, and emotions to bear on a situation which, ultimately, influences their perspective on things. It lends truth to the statement that one man’s gift is another man’s curse.

After Stephen found where Jedikiah was hiding Roger’s body, Stephen demanded that Jed explain himself. Jedikiah explained how much he loved Roger and how as children Roger had saved his life. He claimed that everything he’s done up to this point has been to protect Roger and figure out how to bring him back. Stephen didn’t really believe him until Jed explained his endgame. Jed claimed that The Founder was trying to use Roger to power some sort of machine that would amplify his powers. Essentially, it sounds like the machine would end the war by destroying everyone that isn’t a tomorrow person. After Roger’s “death,” The Founder began looking for someone else to power the machine. That’s why he’s been searching for Stephen. Jed claimed that the only way for them to stop The Founder is to kill him. When Stephen, John and Cassie found and confronted The Founder, they heard a very different story from him.

The Founder claimed that he and Roger were working on the machine, but it was supposed to be to help people. According to him, Roger was very much on board with figuring out how to make the machine work, but Jed was the one causing the problem. The Founder claimed that Jed was always jealous of Roger’s powers and wanted to run tests on him to figure out how to acquire those powers for himself. He maintained that Jed was lying to all of them and they shouldn’t trust him. The Founder claimed that all the sacrifices he made were because he was trying to put an end to the war.

I don’t completely believe Jedikiah, but I don’t believe The Founder either. Both of them probably believe that they are telling the truth, and I suppose from their perspective, they are. However, I have a feeling that the actual truth is somewhere in the middle. I do believe that Jedikiah did love Roger, but I also get the sense he was jealous of him too. The Founder does want to bring an end to the war, but he wants the war to end with the annihilation of humans. It also became clear thanks to the flashbacks that Jedikiah and The Founder have never really trusted each other, and the only reason The Founder even kept Jed around was because he (The Founder) needed Roger and Stephen.

Although I still don’t trust Jedikiah as far as I can throw him, I believe him more than I believe The Founder. Despite all of Jed’s monstrous behavior and coldness, there’s still a part of him that isn’t completely evil. He’s shown time and again that his humanity breaks through from time to time, but he usually tends to counter that humanity with an act of pure ruthlessness. As such, it’s not wise for anyone to let their guard down around Jed. That being said, this was the first time that Jed has given any indication where his loyalties truly lie. He took a big risk by helping Stephen and the other tomorrow people get Cassie out of The Citadel. He took an even bigger risk by devising and executing his plan in the first place. I really want to believe that Jedikiah loves Roger and really has been protecting him all this time. I really want to believe that Jedikiah cares about Stephen which is why he’s been keeping such a close eye on him. I really want to believe that Jedikiah wants the war to end with as little bloodshed as possible. I really want to believe all of that, but nothing about Jedikiah tells me that I can totally believe anything he says. At least not totally. Jedikiah was jealous of Roger, whether he can admit it to himself or not. Jedikiah’s jealously created a powerful desire in him to obtain those powers for himself. He is so determined to find a way to do it that he’ll stop at nothing and risk everything to make that desire a reality. One thing that Jed’s failed attempt to take out The Founder accomplished was making him into a fugitive just like the tomorrow people. Unlike the tomorrow people, though, Jed doesn’t really have anyone he can rely on. He doesn’t have anyone willing to watch his back. He doesn’t have family because he’s alienated everyone who’s ever cared about him.

Jed’s quest to gain tomorrow people powers was in stark contrast to Sophie’s choice. Cara kept sensing a new breakout, but this was unlike the others. She felt this one much more intimately than she usually feels the others. There was a good reason for that. The breakout was Cara’s little sister Sophie. Sophie was studying to become a ballerina, and the effects of breaking out where really causing some trouble. Cara took her to the lair and explained what was happening to her, but instead of being excited about it, Sophie was dismayed. She didn’t see the powers as a gift. She saw them as a curse and she didn’t want them. She didn’t want to live the kind of life Cara lived. She just wanted to dance because dancing made her happy. Cara didn’t seem to be able to understand why anyone would choose to give up their powers, but after watching Sophie dance, Cara understood that having powers wasn’t the right thing for Sophie. Much to Sophie’s pleasure, Cara gave her a bracelet to inhibit her powers.

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest Cara fan, but I would like to see more interactions between her and Sophie. Their exchanges in this episode showed that they have two very different perspectives on their abilities and on life in general. That’s an interesting dynamic that I’d like to see played out a bit more. It would also serve to fill in more about Cara’s backstory and round her out a little. We’ve seen bits and pieces of what Cara’s life was like when she first broke out, but we don’t really know what her relationship was like with Sophie. Judging from what we saw in this episode, it seems like they didn’t necessarily have a close relationship but it wasn’t overly distant either. I guess maybe they just never really got a chance to get to know each other. Sophie had sort of romanticized Cara’s life, but after finding out what actually happened and where Cara’s been, Sophie seemed less impressed and more scared. I don’t know that I’d like for Sophie to become a regular staple of The Tomorrow People, but it would serve to soften Cara a bit if we could see her relating more with her sister.

Another solid episode. I don’t believe The Founder at all, and I have a feeling that things are going to get a whole lot worse now that Jed isn’t leading Ultra anymore. I also don’t believe that The Founder cared that much that his daughter was killed either. That seemed more like he was playing to Stephen’s emotions. I guess we’ll just have to see. I do feel bad for John though. He already hates the fact that he can kill, and now he feels responsible for Cassie’s death. Jed is on the run now, and I have a feeling things are about to get a whole lot worse for him too. Maybe now he’ll get a taste of what the tomorrow people have been going through all these years. I wonder whether he’s going to ask Stephen and John for help. I doubt it, and I don’t know that they would help him even if he did ask. Stephen has a lot of hard choices in front of him. He’s got to sort out what to do about Roger, but mostly, he’s got to figure out who is telling the truth. One thing I do believe Jed was right about is that it’s not Stephen’s powers that will end the war. It’s not even his humanity. I think it’s the combination of those two things, his powers and his humanity, that will ultimately help him win. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Tomorrow People?

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