Teen Wolf Season 3 Finale “The Divine Move” Review

Fellow Teen Wolf fans, we’ve reached the bittersweet end of season 3. Was the finale divinely inspired? Hmmm…it had its moments.

The King of Compartmentalization

Forget supernatural powers, Chris Argent is hands down the strongest person on Teen Wolf – maybe even to the point of disbelief. The man has lost a wife and a daughter in what I think is a matter of months and somehow he’s managed to summon the strength to help a grieving Scott keep it together and stick to the cover story for the police.

Like Scott, Isaac was not able to tuck away his emotions and was struggling with the loss of Allison. That led to a really sweet moment between Chris and Isaac, which I thought was a nice bookend to the bonding we’ve seen between Isaac and the Argents this season.

Fighting for a Cause

Somehow, the key to becoming a member of Scott’s pack was still lost on the twins. In a callback to the speech from earlier in 3B, Derek reprimanded the twins for their initial flight over fight plan. Interestingly, they also intended to try to convince Lydia and Danny to leave Beacon Hills – or at least hide. The “bonds” between the twins and their mates still feels a bit underdone. Lydia and Aiden have at least spent more time together, but aside from the blacklight party and a shower tryst, viewers had to take a few leaps to really buy into Ethan’s commitment to Danny.

As Derek correctly observed, Lydia was right by Scott’s side seeking Deaton’s counsel. At times, Teen Wolf is excellent at tying together seemingly unconnected pieces of the season and the writers did it again last night. During their conversation with Deaton, we learned that he was the one who created the special box holding Talia’s claws, which also happened to be made from the nemeton. That same box, of course, is now the home of that evil little nogitsune fly. I’m going to assume that it’s not possible to just step on it or kill it with a little insect killer.

Never Satisfied

Unsurprisingly, Allison’s death and the battle at Echo House was not enough to satiate the nogitsune’s desire for chaos. Luckily for the dark spirit, he now had an army of oni by his side that he used to create mayhem all around Beacon Hills. Of course, no violent rampage would be complete without a stop by the Beacon Hills hospital and of course, the evil Stiles clone had one particular multi-talented nurse on his mind when he arrived. As an aside, I loved the song choice during the chaotic hospital scene.

That was only one of three places destroyed by the oni army. Admittedly, I held my breath as the shootout took place at the sheriff’s station. Still hopeful that Stiles would make it out alive, I really didn’t want him to survive and find out that his father was dead – because of a dark spirit that infiltrated him. Much to my relief, we got a pretty bad ass scene with the sheriff and a shotgun. Hooray that the cute new deputy, who is probably supernatural, survived the attack at the station.

Don’t even get me started on the scene at the hospital. Dear Teen Wolf writers, never, ever, ever, ever toy with my emotions again by putting Melissa McCall in peril. Seriously, I can’t take it.

Allison’s Final Message

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Allison Argent any more, the girl continues to kick ass from beyond the grave. The recently departed huntress figured out the key to taking down the oni – silver, bitches!!!

Winter Not-so-Wonderland

In another great callback, Scott, Kira, Lydia and Stiles arrived at the high school and stepped right into bardo, which took on a snowy, Japanese-inspired look. Kudos to the show’s set designers, as it was a visually stunning scene. The stakes were higher than ever, as the oni promised to kill everyone Scott’s pack loved, unless Scott killed Stiles. I LOVED the simultaneous battles with Kira and Scott in the snow and Derek and the twins outside the school.

Let’s stop for a moment and give a round of applause to Derek, who for once, didn’t completely get his ass handed to him in a fight. Congratulations, Derek!

Full disclosure, I let out a gleeful squeal of joy when Chris and Isaac showed up with Allison’s remaining silver arrowheads, which also took place right as Stiles realized that the snowy setting was all an illusion. Even if it was all in their head, it was hard to watch our heroes take such a beating. It was equally hard to see Stiles contemplate impaling himself with sword.

Can’t Be a Fox and a Wolf

All that fuss over getting that scroll proved to be totally worth it as the words from it proved true. By splitting into the second, evil Stiles, there was a host that allowed Scott to take a nice big bite without having to turn our de-void, witty, loveable Stiles into a wolf. I love that Stiles passed out, woke up and his first words are “oh my God, I fainted didn’t I?” Classic Stiles. I’m so happy to have you back.

Everyone did not make it out of the battle unscathed. Although it doesn’t change, my past position on the twins I will admit that I teared up when Aiden died. It was really hard to watch. I really wanted Derek to have a conversation with the twins about what happened with Erica and Boyd, but I think the choice to have them show that they were willing to fight for the good guys felt like the right choice.

The WTF OMG Holy Crap Moment of the Entire Series


Please, please, please, Teen Wolf writers, allow this to be the start of a substantive storyline for Danny and his dimples. Please!!!

There are so many things I want to go back and revisit now that we know that Danny knows. Perhaps this is why Darachifer tried to kill him and it may have inspired him to write his paper on telluric currents.

Other Thoughts . . .

– Aside from being relieved about the parents and Deaton being okay, I liked that we got to see Scott take a moment and really let the weight of what happened hit him.

– I’m over Malia. Sorry, but I am. She’s done nothing wrong and I’m sure she’ll get some interesting stuff to do next season, but like Scott’s pack, I’m a little too raw with emotion to even think about new people and new problems.

– Malia felt somewhat shoehorned into the episode. She served no purpose. Her brief scenes felt like more of a reminder that she existed and that she’d be back next season. It didn’t feel at all necessary for inclusion in the episode. If she absolutely had to be in the episode, it would have been more fitting to see something with her and Peter or to maybe see a conversation between her and Stiles. I’m guessing there wasn’t enough time for Stiles to tell his best friend that the girl we literally just heard Scott refer to as a “total stranger” last week, was not such a stranger to Stiles.

– I liked the choice by the Teen Wolf writers to have the oni attack Melissa and Deaton. It was a very fitting nod to the significant role both of them play in Scott’s life. Deaton has been more of a father to Scott than Rafael and it will be interesting to see if the writers choose to create a little conflict between the two as Rafael tries to make amends with his son.

– Although I’m not sold on Rafael, I think the sincerity of his intentions was evident last night. I also think it’s fair to say that the virtues that made Scott true alpha-worthy came from both his mother and father. Well, maybe more Melissa, but you don’t become a federal agent without some desire to protect people.

– Just an FYI – at the Days of the Wolf Con, Tyler Posey said the final scene he shared with Deaton was one of his favorite ever.


In last week’s review, I lamented the fact that all of the women in the Argent family were dead. I was also sad for Chris, who lost a wife, sister and daughter in a very short period of time. None of that, however, ever made me wish that the writers would bring back one of the Argent women – besides Allison. So Peter’s scratch didn’t kill Kate. She’s back (insert sarcastic yay) and I guess technically, she’d be a part of the Hale pack? Or is she an omega because Peter is no longer an Alpha? Is Kate’s resurrection a byproduct of Peter killing Jennifer on the nemeton? It might be helpful to first figure out what she is, as she did not really look like a wolf to me. You know what? I don’t care.

I’m not excited for this twist. Kate was a horrible person and I really wasn’t a fan of the character. She, more than anyone, deserved to stay dead and gone – forever. If we had to have someone return, my vote would have been for Victoria. Bring someone back who will not be a gigantic pain in Chris Argent’s ass. Oh, and while I’m in full on rant mode, how big of a hypocrite is Kate? Per the code, she should not be alive.

Finally, it kinda grinds my gears that one of the show’s most horrible characters – Kate – is the only one who had a proper onscreen funeral. And now she’s back.

Here’s another terrifying thought . . . by this same logic, Darachifer could one day return. We know that Peter slit her throat, but that wasn’t enough to kill Braeden. Ugh. For the love of all that is good in the world, I hope the writers never go down that path. Also, I will rain hellfire if the writers even toy for a moment with the idea of Derek and Kate somehow reconciling or much worse – dating.


Generally, I liked “The Divine Move” up until Kate’s return. Although the season is over, I’ll be back next week with one final TV chat. Until then, sound off below on the season finale.