Switched at Birth Season 3 Review “Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows”

Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 11 Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows (12)

It’s the midseason finale of Switched at Birth, and leave it to this show to leave us on a doozy of a cliffhanger. If there’s anything on the show that we’ve been waiting for since the beginning – it’s Bay and Emmett’s relationship. We had round one of it back in season one but, since it imploded after the Simone incident, things have been pretty frosty. But then, over the course of season three so far, their connection has been mending and growing, morphing into a friendship that, rather than ignore and forget what came before, acknowledged the pain and anger from both sides.

It was obvious from the moment that Emmett mentioned his new internet girlfriend that this would all lead to a catfishing story, and so it did in this episode. It was kind of boring and predictable as a storyline, but the end result more than made up for the tedium that came before. No matter how you feel about Bemmett, it’s hard to ignore the masterful long game Switched at Birth has been playing with these two. The writers didn’t just throw them back together as soon as the appropriate mourning period was over, or even after Ty skipped town, but waited until the moment was absolutely, unequivocally right.

But while that central relationship has never felt at all contrived, Daphne and her various love interests have been treated far worse. Finally, then, it’s incredibly satisfying to see her focus on her career plans in this mid-point episode, regardless of who she likes more out of Jorge and Campbell. Should she stick with her life-long dream of becoming a chef and work at Angelo’s restaurant, or pursue a new love of medicine? The answer comes to her when, faced with one of her attackers from last season, she keeps her cool and pushes past her prejudice to assist Jorge in helping him. It’s a rarely triumphant moment for Daphne, and promises lots more to come when we return.

Aside from John and Kathryn’s brilliantly judged near-breakup, the adults’ storylines haven’t been nearly as strong as usual this year. Regina’s fight for her old neighborhood might be more worthy of our attention than the love stories and more sensationalist plots but, when it only really kicks off five minutes before the end of this episode, it’ll be hard to stay invested over the break. Then there are Angelo’s money issues, that have barely been a feature, and the memory loss of the Kennish’s following their reconciliation dance a couple of weeks ago. Those two had real issues that needed to be discussed, but their main concern in June looks likely to be Kathryn’s book and impending success.

Even with all of this, the most effecting story of the night had to be Toby’s. Essentially a supporting character simply watching his family go through things without ever having space to realistically react, Toby has finally been a highlight of the season. Nikki’s admission that she’s more committed to her work than her marriage last week hit him hard not just because it was a defeat, but also because he has been on pause since she left at the end of last season. What would he do now, then, other than working at the car wash and searching for purpose all over again? It turns out he’ll take a trip to Iceland, but I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope he comes back for the summer.

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