Lost Girl Season 4 Review “End of a Line”


I don’t see how it would be possible to watch last night’s Lost Girl without welling up with tears. The gang suffered a shocking and devastating loss. I don’t want to start with the sad, though, so let’s go through the other events of this game changing episode.


We start with Kenzi bemoaning the changes in her relationship with Bo. Reiner is driving a wedge between them. Bo assures her that she is not leaving her behind. Bo should really appreciate how quickly Kenzi is willing to forgive and move past any slight. The Hallmark moment is ruined when Bo encounters a rampaging zombie in the kitchen. Before she can take down the dead dude, Valkyrie Acacia shows up and chops his head off. Acacia claims that she is now hunting Revenants. When Tamsin finds the Wanderer card by the zombie’s body, she concludes that Reiner is sending the dead after Bo. Reiner seems like he can handle his own business, I can’t see him hiring someone else.

Bo, Tamsin, and Acacia set out to find who is controlling the Revenants. Along the way, Dyson joins the group and has a super awkward moment with Bo. It doesn’t take them too long to unravel the mystery that the zombies are actually being used to get Bo to give up the Una Mens’ magic seed. While The Walking Dead has set the standard for all zombies present and future, Lost Girl‘s were still revolting enough that I had to look away when Bo drank from the zombie head. I’ve seen way more disgusting things in every Jack Ass movie, but for some reason fake-deadhead blood just grossed me out.


Back at the homestead, Kenzi gets a surprise visit from her mother and cousin. We learn just how troubled Kenzi’s relationship is with her family. Her mother says that she’s turned over a new leaf, ditched her abusive husband and is ready to start afresh. Though she is wary, you can see how much Kenzi wants to believe this is true. Hale shows up and has a big question for Kenzi. In one of the sweetest proposals ever, Hale tells Kenzi how much she means to him and that he wants to marry her. Before she can respond, her family ruins the moment and Kenzi finds out that they are only there because they want money from Hale. Once again, Kenzi loses her family. While she isn’t ready to say yes, she does let Hale know that he means the world to her, too. This turned out to be just such a harsh episode for Kenzi. She starts by feeling she’s lost Bo, then her family, and then…we’ll get to that. I’m not ready.

Throughout the zombie drama, we get more info on the Valkyries’ relationship with Reiner, who they believe to be the Wanderer. This is where things got confusing. Do Tamsin and Acacia think that Reiner is the Wanderer? Tamsin didn’t take Reiner’s soul to Valhalla, but presumably she knows what Reiner looks like. Tamsin worked for the Wanderer – he was the one who hired her to get Bo. So I don’t see how she would think that he is the Wanderer. Which is why I was confused when Reiner’s picture appeared in the book and Tamsin doesn’t recognize him at all. I am thinking that maybe Reiner is working for the Wanderer, but we need to sort this all out.

There is a great scene between Trick and Vex. Vex says that he never had a good relationship with his father and doesn’t really know what he was like. It just so happens, his dad was the Blood King’s general, so Trick fills him in on some old stories. I like Vex and I like seeing him as part of the group. Which is why it was a bummer when he walked away from Trick after being asked about the Una Mens’ seed.

As if we hadn’t had enough sad scenes, Bo decides to hash things out with Dyson. Poor Dyson. He has done so much for Bo, and she repays with a swift kick to the face. She basically tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore and that Reiner is her destiny. I felt so sorry for Dyson – he’s gotten no real love this season, despite his devotion. While I would’ve previously been creeped out by Tamsin putting the moves on him, I was ok with it because he deserves to have someone appreciate him.


Finally, the moment of truth. It turns out that Massimo is not dead, and he is really pissed off. He beats Kenzi, who cries out for Hale. Hale rushes in and knocks Massimo out with his supersonic power. But, Massimo has a magical stick that makes him immortal. He stabs Hale through the back and tells Kenzi they’re even now. When Bo comes back she finds Kenzi slumped over Hale’s lifeless body. As if it wasn’t bad enough at this point, Kenzi breaks down and hysterically begs Bo to bring Hale back with her succubus powers. But, Bo can’t. Ksenia Solo did such an amazing job in bringing Kenzi’s grief to life that it brought tears to my eyes. Which is honestly something I didn’t expect from Lost Girl.

I’m a little worried on how Kenzi is going to move forward. There’s only so much a girl can take.

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