Continuum Season 3 Review “Minute Man”

Warning: This review contains spoilers.


Last week’s season premiere of Continuum saw future Kiera and future Alec plonked down one week in the past, leaving a butterfly effect conundrum that saw one version of our heroine shot in the head, Esher murdered by Emily and Kellogg and, now, a whole heap of trouble for the recently elected Jim Martin. As predicted in the closing moments of the last episode, this season has created a host of new issues for Kiera to deal with aside from returning to her family and, with the two people she trusted more than anything now pulling further and further away, she might find she’s dealing with them on her own.

The first of those companions is obviously Alec, and Kiera must reconcile that fact that, although one version of her friend currently walking around the timeline has never actually betrayed, the other version proves that he’s capable. Is it as simple as one being trustworthy and the other being a snake, like Kiera is maintaining? Definitely not but, with the mystery of her murder not yet solved and even Carlos cracking under the pressure, it’s understandable that she would need to lean on the assumption that present-day Alec is someone she can still rely on to come through.

This episode got pretty dark by the end, and Martin’s suicide was a genuinely shocking moment that will most likely have serious ramifications for the rest of the season. His purpose here was to introduce the idea of corruption both in Liber8 and the police force and, with Kiera mixed up with both of them one way or another, that theme extents to her by association. We must also remember that, before the events of the finale were erased, Carlos was meeting up with Julian for some mysterious reason and, despite that not actually happening in this timeline, his reasons for doing so are presumably still very real.

I would hate to see him become an antagonist for Kiera but the truth is that, after finding out his partner’s secret, the show has to keep him relevant somehow. If that means exploring the other side of the fight, or even creating his own faction, then that’s fine with me. Carlos has always been the innocent bystander in all of this – the stereotypical naive girlfriend not let in on the secret until far too late – and that in itself can be incredibly interesting. Continuum would be an entirely different show without him and, if that shot of him in the mirror was anything to go by, he’s going to have a tough year.

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