Bones Season 9 Review “The Carrot in the Kudzu” – Rediscovering the Joys of Childhood

Bones Season 9 Episode 18 The Carrot in the Kudzu (2)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Carrot in the Kudzu,” the team searches for the murderer of a man in a carrot suit, while Booth and Brennan can’t agree on what would be fun for Christine’s birthday party.

I have to admit that sometimes I forget that Brennan was raised by fugitive parents. After nine seasons, she’s changed so much that I have a hard time seeing her as someone who didn’t have what many consider a real childhood. Even though Brennan can still be… well, let’s just call it matter-of-fact, she isn’t the same person that we met in the first episode of this series. So when she and Booth began discussing Christine’s birthday party and we found out she never had one, I found myself momentarily surprised.

The funny thing is that I never really had one either. My birthdays were always very small family affairs with no fun invitations going out to friends, no decorations in a park or games. Unlike Brennan though, my lack of childhood birthday parties hasn’t stopped me from relating to kids. In fact, I seem to be a big kid myself most of the time. But Brennan had to work hard to find her inner child and I loved how it was her dad, of all people, who helped her find it. Sure, it was rough for her to talk to him about all the things she missed and why, but he was the one to remember there was one memory that she had forgotten about. Watching her play tag at the end of the episode was incredibly sweet, as was watching Booth act like a one-man band to make Christine laugh. I would have said that I admired his willingness to make himself look foolish for his daughter but he looked way too happy in that get-up. My personal theory now is that Booth has always secretly wanted to be a one-man band and Christine’s party let him live out a lifelong dream.

Clark’s book was an interesting part of this episode, but I was a tad disappointed to find out that he was published. I’m not disappointed as a fan of the show as I think it will make for some great drama and comedy when Brennan finds out her publisher took on his book as well. It’s just sad to realize that the joke was actually based on reality and that many awful books get published. Then again, I’ve never read Clark’s book so maybe it actually is… nah, I heard the snippets the team read. It sounded pretty bad.

My favorite bits:

Finding out that poor Brennan never had a birthday party.

Hodgins getting excited when he saw their victim was buried in kudzu.

“I’ve seen this movie, it doesn’t end well for humanity.” – I saw that movie and she is so right. Kudzu is freaky stuff.

Finding out that Sweets never had a party, either. Now I don’t feel so bad that I never really had one either.

Brennan pointing out that Clark’s book was doubtful to affect her sales.

Poor Hodgins being so proud of himself when he cut the kudzu off and then the skull falling apart. Oops.

Cam calmly informing Hodgins that he was holding the victim’s prostate.

Cam and Hodgins splitting the difference between their theories on time of death.

Sweets pointing out that Booth letting Brennan help plan the birthday party would make her feel like a princess. Aw.

Booth going all fanboy over the Veggie-Ta-Bills.

“We’re here to inform you that your brother has been murdered, and that corn is not a vegetable.”

Everyone acting so nervous about reading Clark’s book. Do they all assume that it’s going to suck?

Booth imitating a one-man band.

“I agree with the crocodile.” – There’s a sentence I never thought I’d hear Brennan say.

A grown woman obsessed with a guy playing a vegetable on a kid’s show. Creepy!

“A grown woman obsessed with a giant orange phallic symbol? Yeah, I’m comfortable calling her crazy” – The funniest part? I had my thought about the crazy lady before Sweets said that. Great minds.

Finding out that Clark’s book really did suck. Aw, I kinda hoped it would be good.

Finding out that Max still had secrets he couldn’t tell Brennan. Interesting.

Max reminiscing about him and little Brennan playing tag.

Booth getting excited when Ronnie the one-man band auditioned over the phone. Too funny.

Booth and Brennan arguing over who was better at tag. Booth does have a point about being a former Ranger, but it’s still a game I want to see.

The team finding out that Clark’s book was getting published by the same publisher as Brennan. WHAT??

Seeing Christine again. Missed her!

Booth turning into a one-man band. I totally had a feeling that was going to happen. So cute!

Booth trying to play tag while wearing his one-man band gear. Too incredibly hilarious for words.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!