Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “Stabbed With a White Wench’s Black Eye”

Stabbed with a White Wench’s Black Eye

Star-Crossed featured some much needed shifts in friendship and loyalties this week in the episode “Stabbed With a White Wench’s Black Eye.” Roman fans finally got what they have been waiting for when the Atrian poured his heart out to Emery, explaining how he is trying to keep her safe. But one day he could give her everything. While Amy Teegarden lacked any real emotional response during the scene (was is it her character – or just a moment of bad acting?) Matt Lanter just makes you like him more. The moment redeemed him, helpng to overlook his character’s constant brooding and self righteous. By the end of the episode, Roman’s brooding was understandable.

A shift between Drake and Roman also helped move the two’s storyline forward. While Drake represents everything Roman is against, a loyal Drake tried to keep Roman safe after allowing him to be his +1 at the ball. It makes their strange friendship a little bit more believable. Drake also seems to like Taylor more than we have previously been shown. It looks like he’s softening to her even if she is human. His face showed it all when she entered the ball, donning all red.

As for Emery, she changed her mind about Grayson as soon as Roman showed interest. It looks like the two love birds are over and Grayson might be going dark side..until he shows up to her house. What is she thinking? Emery also helped Eric out of a jam by warning him about the Red Hawks meeting. What was that all about? The two are exactly close? And were was Zoe headed so quickly? Does this mean she’s gone for a while? Or will she show back up next week to cause more trouble between the humans and the Atrians, and Drake and Roman?