Intelligence Season 1 Review “The Event Horizon”

“The Event Horizon” kicked off the first episode of the two-part season, possibly series, finale of Intelligence, and this was an episode that went all out in regards to tying everything that’s happened in the past together. While this meant bringing back both good and bad plot points, it’s hard to deny that things got off to a great start this week.

Seeing Gabriel and Riley on the run together was fun, setting up some fun moments of interplay between the two. In fact, the first thing I have to praise about this episode was that it managed to pack in a good bit of humor despite the dire circumstances. From the fugitives stealing a minivan, to the milkshake scene at the diner, to Shenendoah’s wedding day flirtation, there were some solid laughs this week, strengthened by our connection to the characters. Though they’re not the most fleshed-out bunch, the members of Cyber Command have all gotten a chance to shine over the course of the season, allowing us to believe in their loyalty to one another.

Though he hasn’t been as prevalent in the past few weeks, it was also good to see Tetazoo back, now fully in the antagonistic role. I’ve bemoaned how obviously anti-government Intelligence is at times, but Tetazoo sells a true sense of malice and unease. Of course, a large part of that is thanks to Lance Reddick’s performance; the man just exudes intimidation in every scene. And seeing as this could be the end of the show, it makes sense that they would revisit that thematic through line head-on.

Now, on to the lesser elements of this week, which aren’t that bad, really. The worst is just seeing Mei Chen again. I said the last time she appeared that her whole “religious figure” argument is flawed, and she was just as crazy and off-kilter here. Even worse, the “Previously On” segment showing her made it pretty obvious who was behind framing Gabriel, especially when Riley made note of how much shorter than Gabriel the actually shooter was. Granted, this is a problem with a lot of “Previously On” segments, but it never stops being annoying.

Also, Lillian’s father seemed a bit too fatherly, weirdly enough. Last time we saw the guy, he was a complete hardass, and there seemed to be major issues between him and his daughter. Here, though, he was a font of information and encouragement for Lillian, which just didn’t seem to fit with what we’ve seen of him before. Of course, he could be trying to play and angle, but we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

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