House of Lies Season 3 Review “Comeuppance”

Episode 310

Wow! Things got real this week on House of Lies. “Comeuppance” was an episode packed to the brim with retribution and character after character getting what was coming to them in one form or another.

Let’s start with Doug (Josh Lawson) finally making an uncharacteristically slimy and opportunistic play for Caitlin (Genevieve Angelson). I was happy to see this plot thread get some payoff, especially with two episodes left. This moves Doug to a place where he’s been confronted with the consequences of his actions towards both Caitlin, and his wife Sarah (Jenny Slate). While she didn’t make an appearance this week, I’m looking forward to seeing the two reconcile before the end of the season. If Doug’s flirtation has taught him anything, it should be that Sarah’s brand of crazy compliments his perfectly, and that he’s lucky to have her.

If only Clyde (Ben Schwartz) could be so lucky. His relationship with Marissa McClintock (Eliza Coupe), a relationship I’d hoped would bring the man some much deserved happiness, quickly put him at risk of once again losing everything. It’s been a roller coaster of a season for Clyde and though I understand his decisions in this episode, the desperation to keep it all together that drives him to make those decisions is really putting him in a bad place.

I don’t think there’s any chance of House of Lies actually getting this dark, but I can’t help but imagine a point where Monica’s (Dawn Olivieri) incessant torturing of a coke addled Clyde causes him to snap and he finally kills her. Their scenes together this week seemed like the prelude to a Law and Order episode in which the abusive boss goes too far and the team has to solve her murder. Especially their final confrontation, when Monica calls him out on coming to work high. That woman is constantly playing a Bobby Fischer level psychological chess game, and at some point she’s not going to land on her feet.

Then again, considering the fate of Lukas (Tip “T.I” Harris), maybe it’s possible House of Lies could get that dark. I’ll hand it to the promo team at Showtime, they skillfully misdirected me into thinking that the drive by seen in the preview for this episode was directed at Marty (Don Cheadle) and Jeannie (Kristen Bell). I honestly didn’t expect that we’d get a murder mystery story out of this whole DollaHyde situation.

The obvious guess is that Dre (Mekhi Phifer) is behind it all. Indeed, the promos for next week seem to indicate that this is the case. But I’m hoping that the shooting is the result of Jeannie’s dangerous move to turn over incriminating evidence on Lukas and Dre to the Justice Department. Jeannie’s had a huge chip on her shoulder all season after her confession of love to Marty last year. Having the death of Lukas, someone she had a relationship with (if you could call it that) due to her not knowing when to back down presents a great opportunity for the kind of character growth that I love to see in shows.

We’ll get deeper into the “Who Shot Lukas Frye?” mystery when House of Lies returns next week. In the meantime, who do YOU think dunnit? Leave your theories below!

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