Girls Season 3 Review “Two Plane Rides”

Girls Season 3 Finale 2014 Two Plane Rides 2

We’ve reached the end of another season of Girls and, after the events of ‘Two Plane Rides’, everyone is in a completely different place to last year. That means that a lot of them have hit rock bottom, of course, with Marnie falling back into bad habits, Jessa making even worse decisions that normal and Shoshana losing not only her graduation dreams, but also the last ray of hope that she could ever rekindle things with Ray. It’s only Hannah, who last year won Adam despite being plagued by her OCD, who finds the silver lining of her relationship breakdown with the chance to go to a prestigious writing grad program in Iowa.

Season two ended with Hannah, Adam, Marnie and Shoshana all at good places in their lives – Hannah and Adam finding each other again, Marnie winning Charlie back and Shoshana striking out on her own for the first time – but a year on, that’s all changed. Hannah and Adam, for one, have discovered the hard truth that all “artist couples” find out in the end – compromise is everything. As right as Adam has been since he moved out of the apartment to focus on his blossoming acting career, he was also wrong for not allowing Hannah her own leeway when accepting her place at Iowa.

Maybe she shouldn’t have dropped that particular bomb on him at such a crucial moment, and it’s classic Hannah to focus on herself during someone else’s story, but his reaction to her “leaving” him was just as flippant and unreasonable as hers was to him moving in with Ray. We knew this couldn’t end well, due more to the immaturity of both parties than the actual life events separating them, but at least we didn’t get an official breakup in this episode. Hannah and Adam’s relationship has been the most honest and interesting thing about season three, and it would be a shame if Adam Driver’s real life career ended things prematurely.

‘Two Plane Rides’ was a great season finale in that it immediately redeemed some of the apparent missteps –Shoshana and Jessa’s sidelining, Marnie’s reliance on other people’s boyfriends and Hannah’s job at GQ – and thrown what was great about season three into the light. As much as we hate Hannah sometimes, we’re happy that she got into grad school and is willing to go with or without her relationship intact, and, as much as we love Shoshana, Ray’s rejection of her made complete sense. These characters have grown, changed and regressed through these twelve episodes and, as meandering as it sometimes seems, it’s satisfying in the end.

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