Castle Season 6 Review “The Greater Good”

Castle Season 6 Episode 19 The Greater Good (3)

On the latest episode of “Castle,” the sisters were doing it for themselves, but neither one of them was liking it too much, in “The Greater Good.” Over the course of the latest case, we were introduced to the sister we never knew about, Elizabeth, and it turns out tough ladies run in the Gates family. Pretty easy on the eyes ones, too, thanks to a turn by former “Eureka”-star Salli Richardson-Whitfield, who always reminded me of a cross between a young, “Foxy Brown”-era Pam Grier and sultry pop star-turned-BAC Vanity. Indeed, I’m not the only one on that first count, apparently, as she was cast in the excellent Blaxsploitation spoof “Black Dynamite.”

Elizabeth was also in law enforcement, namely as the US attorney for the Southern District. The two sisters had a falling out when Gates refused to let prosecuting slide when a undercover officer that was a key part of a case of her sister’s was caught skimming drugs from a bust. Because the officer was found guilty, it effectively gutted the bigger case at hand, slowing Elizabeth’s rise in the ranks. Alas, history was looking to repeat itself in the new one, as Elizabeth wasn’t exactly forthcoming on the info to her sister, and vice versa.

Unfortunately, that proved to be the case with this case as well, as the guy Elizabeth was really after was essentially cleared of any wrongdoing, although he was out some $25 million, which had to hurt. Instead, it proved that the murder at hand was perpetrated by her own co-worker, who planted some drugs on the vic and later shot him, making it look like someone else did it because they thought the vic was wearing a wire.

Her mistake was having intercepted the wiretapped conversations and downloading them on her computer, which included the vic going off on the perp and threatening to leave town for good, thus ending their investigation in the process. She couldn’t let that happen, so down he went.

This was a neat little episode that gave us some nice info on a relatively newer character that we didn’t really know we needed in the first place. Of course, it’s standard practice for shows that have been on a while to introduce heretofore unreferenced siblings or relatives or what have you, but this one actually served a higher purpose, so we’ll let that slide.

I liked how it went a long way towards explaining Gates’ often gruff demeanor, and we saw how that also ran in the family. But it also humanized her more, so that she wasn’t just a stereotypical grumpy boss barking orders and giving everyone steely looks, which, let’s face it, is a bit of a cliché. It also reinforced that Gates was someone who respected the letter of the law, even when it didn’t make her the most popular person in the world- even if it was at the expense of family.

I like that, and I certainly wouldn’t object to a return appearance from Whitfield. I miss “Eureka.” It makes me a little sad inside when I see poor Colin Ferguson crammed into a tiny space pretending to be a dishwasher as the Maytag Man. (I don’t care much for him playing the bad guy on “Haven,” either. Say it ain’t so, Jack!) I hope all of those people find good work elsewhere, so if Whitfield can get a recurring gig out of this, more power to her. Next up, Erica Cerra!

The twist involving the gangster actually being a halfway decent guy was somewhat unexpected and also welcome, as was the twist that the vic had donated the money he extorted from his boss to help out his home town, where his parents had died in an earthquake before he relocated to the States. Aw. A “Wolf of Wall Street” with a heart of gold. How sweet. That was a nice touch.

The mystery was a bit lacking for me overall, but the sister stuff made it worth it, plus we got some cute scenes with Castle and Beckett continuing to plot their wedding, while trying to puzzle out what went awry with the sister situation. They really are a nice match, I must say, and I like the way they know each other well enough to pick up on certain tics and use a bit of couple shorthand together. The writers have been doing a good job with that as of late, perhaps to make up for some slight missteps in that department earlier on. The next episode, which has a 70s theme, for whatever reason, looks to be a lot of fun, too.

What did you think of the latest “Castle”? Did you like the dynamic between Gates and her sister, or at least, the way it ended up? What did you think of the central mystery? Were you surprised by the culprit? Do you think they will bring back Whitfield? Would you be open to that? What if it also brought back the Berman character and she worked with her sister to finally bring him down? That would be entertaining, I think. Do you miss “Eureka” too? Sound off below, and I’ll see you in April!