Bitten Season 1 Review “Settling”

Bitten Episode 10 Descent (2)

Bitten continues to be a show devoid of all logic. “Settling” continued the trend of showing how miserable an organization the pack actually is, while further complicating the structure of Santos’ plan.

Honestly, Elena and Logan’s struggles in this episode were just further proof of how inept and terribly written the rules of the pack are. They’re not allowed to tell their loved ones the truth, but that means they have to act like crazy people to try and protect them from danger. Why let them have lives outside of the pack at all if this is how quickly this situations can devolve? Actually, let me go back to the argument I’ve made in the past and ask how the pack is good for anyone?

Truthfully, Elena’s loyalty to the pack is just downright bizarre at this point. She’s so desperate to stay loyal to Jeremy, but I’m still wondering what he actually did for her. I mean, he didn’t kill her, as he seems to do with most problems, but is that really enough to buy her undying, self-destructive loyalty?

On the villain side, Santos bounces between ridiculously prepared and hilariously inept. At times, it’s obvious he’s put a lot of effort into devising a grand scheme to tear the pack apart. At others, he and his ragtag group of mutts are sitting staked out in an old car with fast food containers everywhere. Here, his psycho-mutts remain as obstinate as ever, and he still seems to have the barest amount of control over them. And, as it turns out, there’s yet another mastermind over Santos, and if I hadn’t checked out of caring about his plans long ago, this would make me want to flip the table all over again.

Credit where credit is due, though, I really did enjoy the big fight scene at the end of this week’s episode. It was marred a bit by a lackluster song and a disappointing resolution, but there was a lot of strong action, with Santos’ men outnumbering the pack members two-to-one at both Logan and Phillip’s place. Of course, it would’ve been a more exciting fight if I actually cared about who won, but still, kudos to whoever choreographed the sequence.

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