Bates Motel Season 2 Review “Check-Out”

Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 4 Check-Out (6)

Even though I’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes of Bates Motel season two, there has been a decidedly low amount of one of my favorite characters from season one: Emma. Tonight’s episode “Check-Out” tried to change that with a great opening scene, and a continued increase throughout of Miss Decody. On top of that we got some more powerful scenes between Norma and both of her sons, Dylan spiraling out of control, and Norman trying to be the reasonable one in the family for once.

The aforementioned Emma started the episode off with an amusing “morning after” scene, waking up next to that Gunner guy from the party at the beach. This is only notable because it didn’t look like their night was going that way at the party in last week’s episode. It looked like Emma was way too gone to be making any kind of rational decisions about anything, let alone who she’s sleeping with. Gunner’s shady explanation shady explanation didn’t really clear anything up, either. He claims that she checked him in and they got a room together, but she doesn’t remember doing this? Oh, and it doesn’t explain why she woke up with no shirt on. It looked like Gunner was definitely not telling her the whole truth about that night, but it appears that they’ll be continuing their ill-advised relationship for the time being. Emma is by far the most likable character on this show, so it almost hurts me to see her getting into a relationship that is so clearly doomed to fail.

Gunner isn’t the only shady new character to be concerned about, though. These last few episodes made it seem like Christine was just an overly-enthusiastic socialite, but I’m starting to believe that something a little more nefarious is at work here. She seems almost too desperate to get Norma out of the house and invite her to all of her hoity toity social gatherings. Considering that she can so easily fill her big, expensive house with friends, it seems odd that she’s so interested in spending time with Norma. George is also a bit of a question mark for me. He seems like a nice guy, and Alias‘ Michael Vartan can play a charming and likable fella in his sleep, but it’s very possible that he’s in league with his sister.

We learned quite a bit more about Caleb tonight, starting out with him obviously denying Norma’s allegations about raping her as a child. While he definitely denied Norma’s claim, the way that he worded it was very telling. He didn’t outright deny that he raped his little sister, instead saying that “it wasn’t exactly like that”. Oh, so you didn’t exactly rape your sister? I’m not sure that makes it that much better, dude. It’s clear that he’s a bad guy, but the question now is how much Norma was involved in their tryst.

Speaking of creepy inter-family relations, Norma has now taken to showing her trademark affectionate glances towards Dylan. When Dylan was lying on the bed unconscious, she seemed to hesitate a little too long over his body. She even rubbed her finger over his stubble to add to the creepiness. It’s possible that she’s taken this sudden liking to Dylan simply because his father is back in town, and she’s remembering the “good times” they used to have together. Yuck. Let’s move on to something a little easier to talk about: Attempted murder!

Yes, the episode ended with a few crazy scenes that will carry our next few episodes forward, with the most notable being Norman confronting Caleb about his mother. Or probably more accurately: Norman confronting Caleb as his mother. Man, that scene did not go like I thought it would! When he showed up at Caleb’s hotel room, I assumed he would just kill him and get away with it. Instead, he started talking to Caleb as Norma, again accusing him for raping her. Caleb obviously didn’t take too kindly to this, as he promptly beat Norman to a pulp. I actually liked what they did here. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who assumed that Norman would kill Caleb tonight, but having Norman fail so spectacularly at this was a lot more realistic. Norman did seem to revert to his “killer mode” that he was in when he killed Miss Watson and his dad, but it isn’t like this special mindset gives him any superpowers or anything. I mean, Caleb has about six inches and 50 pounds on Norman, so it wouldn’t be very believable if Norman were able to easily dispatch him.

The episode ended with a huge escalation in the war between Sheriff Romero and Zane, which I don’t really care about very much. Zane is still such a cartoonishly evil presence, so I’m basically just rooting for Romero or anyone to go after him now. It looks like that might happen based on the scenes for next week, but I guess we’ll find out.

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Random Thoughts:

– I don’t know if anybody else finds this interesting, but A&E really has been doing some interesting stuff with their transitions to and from the commercial break. The A&E logo just zooms in when it’s cutting to commercial, and you can still see the logo when the audio cuts back in when it comes back from commercial.

– Have we seen a warning screen before the episode that cautions the viewer about sexual violence before? That was a new one for me.

– If you’ll allow me to be shallow for a second, I will note that I wouldn’t necessarily mind if they find more excuses to show off Olivia Cooke in a bra. Just saying I wouldn’t complain…