The Walking Dead Season 4 Review “Us”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15 Us (1)

We’ve only got one more episode after tonight, so I was hoping for The Walking Dead to do a good job at setting up their season finale with tonight’s installment “Us”. While I wouldn’t say this half of the season has been bad or anything, I definitely feel that it’s been drawn out a bit too much. This mysterious “Terminus” has been an ambiguous destination for our group since the second episode of this half-season, so we’ve basically just been running in place this whole time. Last week’s episode had a couple notable deaths, and some crazy powerful scenes, but that was a rarity for these past six installments. Thankfully, what we got tonight was a good set-up for next week’s finale, even if the whole thing may have taken a little long to get to.

The “Previously on…” scenes reminded us about Abraham Ford’s mission to get Dr. Eugene Ford to Washington, but until tonight we really didn’t know much about the mulleted doctor. From the very little that we’ve seen of him, I assumed he would be a lot more reclusive and introverted, simply because he barely talked at all when he was introduced. Turns out that he’s actually a pretty friendly and intelligent dude, as he talked Tara’s ear off about RPGs, shmups, and homemade batteries. He’s also got a heart of gold, as he ended up tricking Rosita and Abraham into rescuing Glenn and Tara, all while delivering the best line of the night: “After I save the world, I still have to live with myself”.

We also got to learn quite a bit more about Joe and his crew that Daryl’s fallen in with. I don’t know if this was really a mystery or anything, but they revealed that these are the same guys from the episode “Claimed” that were in the house with Rick. Not only that, but it turns out one of those guys actually remembers Rick’s face, which means that he could be in big trouble if they all make it to Terminus. My only real question here is why Joe is so doubtful of Terminus’ motto, asking Daryl if he really thinks they’ll take in “People like us”. What has Joe and his crew done that is really so terrible? They look like they’re just making their way in this messed up world the best they can, and even when they came across Daryl and he attacked their leader, they spared him. Their one bad apple, Lem, has already been killed off, so I’m not sure why Joe referred to himself as such a bad dude.

Elsewhere in the episode, we finally got the big reunion between Glenn and Maggie that we’ve all been waiting for! This is really the only couple on this show that you can root for, so you’re always happy to see them together. It was an especially touching “aww” moment when Maggie told Glenn he could burn that picture of her since he’ll never need it again. I’m not sure where this leaves Tara, though. She seemed very misplaced and conflicted when they finally found Maggie, but I’m not sure why. Did she have feelings for Glenn? I didn’t think she swung that way, but maybe the crazy circumstances made her grow closer to somebody that she normally wouldn’t. Or maybe it’s just that she feels guilty for what happened to the rest of Glenn’s camp, but that wasn’t really her fault as much as it was The Governor’s.

Finally, we got a short but sweet scene to show us that Rick, Carl, and Michonne are all on their way to Terminus, and then the episode ended with a very brief look at what Terminus actually is. While it all looks so nice with all of the flowers, and the pretty lady greeting visitors at the front with the promise of a meal, you just know that it’s going to turn out to be a too-good-to-be-true cult type of community. My guess is that they cook people and eat them. I’m calling it right now!

There’s still lots of questions to answer in the final episode, and I really hope this meandering season comes to a satisfying conclusion. This is the kind of episode that I was hoping we would get for the past five weeks, but instead for the most part we got one-off episodes that would focus on two or three people at once. We just needed a couple episodes where we catch up with all of the characters, they make their way to Terminus, and then we really get to stay at Terminus for a few episodes at least. It seems like Terminus will just be in the finale, which is a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting this to be another Woodbury kind of situation, where everything seems nice and idyllic at first, but then you start seeing the shady stuff going on behind the scenes. I’m definitely very excited to see how they close out the season, and I hope it was worth all of this extended build up.

Random Thoughts:

– Seeing that body in the tunnel with all of the holes in it was a pretty cool visual, but they could have done a better job at not making it look like a real person. It seemed to jerk around like an animatronic skeleton from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

– I loved that Maggie’s gun was still smoking when she came forward to hug Glenn. Shout out to the props guys for that cool detail!

– They might answer this next week, but how do they defend Terminus? How come one of the many marauding groups of scary dudes that inhabit this world haven’t just walked through the front door and laid waste to it? I hope they answer this, as I was very surprised that just anybody could walk right in.