The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Can’t Make Fish Bite”

Sri Lanka

After barely hanging on last week due to a non-elimination, Brendon and Rachel were taking a big risk in tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race, “Can’t Make Fish Bite”.

The episode started off with some good ol’ fashioned Travel Fu, as most of the teams made it on a flight from Malaysia to Sri Lanka that departed at 11 PM, but there wasn’t enough tickets for Team Brenchel or Margie and Luke. So Team Brenchel decided to take a big risk by making a connection through Singapore, while Margie and Luke took a different flight that departed the next morning. In true Amazing Race fashion, they frustratingly didn’t reveal exactly how far behind the second flight was. All they said was that it was a “morning flight”, but that could have just been an hour later, considering the best flight was at 11 PM. It makes sense why they do this, because they don’t want us to know how far behind the last place team is, but it would really help us understand the stakes of the situation.

Anyway, Brendon and Rachel ended up getting to Sri Lanka first, which was just crazy. I’ve really grown to be a big fan of theirs over these past few episodes, and tonight’s episode further proved the role reversal they’ve pulled this season. Brendon has been the guy stressing out in every challenge, while Rachel is the one calming him down. This is why I love All-Star seasons, because you can see these racers growing as people from season to season.

The challenges in Colombo were all pretty cool, with all of them being very specific to the Sri Lankan culture. My favorite had to be the stilt fishing one, as it’s such a foreign sight for me. The dancing and plate-spinning one was pretty cool too, although it seemed like it was basically designed just for the Globetrotters.

As soon as Margie and Luke got on that last flight, you just knew that they were going to get eliminated tonight. However, they kept editing the episode to make it look like that wasn’t the case. They kept cutting back to them to say “Oh look, now they’re on their flight”, and “Now they’ve landed”, and “Now they’re off the train”. They kept editing it to give us this constant feeling that they were going to catch up to the rest of the teams, but then at the end of it all they just made it seem like they never had a chance all along. We never even saw them attempt the Road Block or the Detour, which makes me feel like they just told Margie and Luke to head straight to the Pit Stop when they got there. I can’t say I was too sad to see them leave, and basically every team left is one that I’d be happy to see win. Who do you think is going to take home the million?! Only a few weeks left!

Random Thoughts:

– Do you think all of those Sri Lankan fishermen were upset that all of these dumb, loud Americans showed up and started taking all of their fish?

– Even more slow-mo shots tonight, with all of the plate spinning being the focus this time.

– My favorite part of the whole episode was Leo asking the textile workers if he could pay them 1000 rupees to complete the task for him, and was met with complete silence.