Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Here You Come Again”

Here You Come Again

Hart of Dixie may have moved to a brand new time-slot after that long hiatus, but it’s the same old Bluebell. At this point in the series, of course, that familiarity also means that the annoyances of the show have returned along with the joys and, with ‘Here You Come Again’, there was a definite sense of age setting in. I had hopes that the time away would give Hart of Dixie the chance to reflect and grow, maybe returning without a few characters in the picture, but that sadly hasn’t happened.

What we do get in this episode, however, is the very welcome return of Lemon Breeland and, with her, some of those priceless shenanigans. The hour quite rightly chose to center on her return to Bluebell and, with Brick fretting about the circumstances in which she was sent away, even Magnolia came back for the big 1920s-themed blowout he threw in her honor. But it turns out that Lemon was keeping herself busy while she was away and now has not one, but two suitors fighting for her affections.

The first is Carter Covington aka Captain Awesome (who’ll always get my vote), the eligible and wealthy bachelor her family would be over the moon about and, the second, Enrique, is her grandmother’s poetic driver. The aforementioned shenanigans begin with Lemon trying to keep the two of them a secret from each other but, when that quickly blows up in her face during the welcome home party, she decides to keep them both dangling for a little while longer. Here’s our new love triangle, folks – team Carter or team Enrique?

You’ll notice that I’m quite a way into this review and haven’t yet mentioned Zoe. There’s a reason for this, and that reason is quite simply that she didn’t get much to do this week. Aside from justify her relationship with Joel, of course, she hasn’t done much all season and, with the hope of seeing her reunite with Wade before the cancellation axe comes down looking slimmer by the day, I wonder whether the writers have any interesting ideas left for their heroine. It’s been a long time since we were interested in Zoe over characters like Lemon and Anna Beth and, with her still the star of the show, that’s a problem.

The thing that stood out for me the most in this episode was the time and energy put into Wade and Lemon’s relationship, and how their friendship has been upgraded a few levels since Jaime King went away. Sure, they were business partners and both had a knack for introducing and diffusing mischief together, but were they ever this close? I have to admit I don’t remember and, judging just from their chemistry and dynamic in ‘Here You Come Again’, I’d love to see more. I would never, ever want to see it become romantic, of course, but a platonic friendship like this is a refreshing element for a show like Dixie to have around.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to have Lemon back at last? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.