5 Reasons Why ‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ Season 2 Premiere is Adventure TV at Its Best

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One must accept a certain amount of madness when watching Da Vinci’s Demons. Our hero is the original Renaissance Man, only young, sexy and clairvoyant. Once you learn to go with the Da Vinci is a superhero flow, the show is an adventure lover’s paradise. The season two premiere is non-stop action, and quality action at that, the kind that leaves you breathless and on the edge of your seat. Realism isn’t in the cards for this series, but it is oh so good at delivering fun.

Here are five reasons why the season two premiere, “The Blood of Man,” airing tonight at 9/8c on Starz, is like catnip for adventure fans.

1. The in media res beginning teases a crazy season to come.

The opening scene takes place further along in the season at a point when the unlikely duo of Da Vinci and Riario find themselves in a New World where they are stuck in a life or death predicament. If you have seen any of the promotional materials, then it is not a spoiler to tell you Da Vinci will encounter the Inca people while in search of The Book of Leaves.

We get a sneak peek at the new environment Da Vinci and friends will be thrust into in the opening moments and we get to see new character Ima (Carolina Guerra) rock the coolest ponytails I have ever seen. The point is, this season is going to take serious chances as it moves much of its action to an entirely new locale and if you enjoy a good journey, season two is going to deliver.

2. The action does not stop.

Even with Florence under attack, I kept expecting the episode to slow down. Spoiler alert: it does not. The whole 55 minutes is cut up into different action sequences as Da Vinci and Lorenzo work their way through the city’s underground tunnels, Clarice proves she is the toughest ruler in all the land and Riario moves through the city causing trouble for Lucrezia, Zoroaster and Nico (among others).

The few moments of downtime are always tricks. Trust me, if anyone stops to talk for a moment prepare for something unexpected and bloody to be waiting just around the corner. The storming of the city scenes are particularly impressive. I dare you not to be in awe of the body shield the Medici family’s soldiers form to protect the castle. The battle is a gruesome affair in places, but it is also spread out over the course of the episode so that it can be intercut with the other moving pieces of the siege in a way that results in a delicious mounting of tension.

3. Da Vinci’s boldest experiment yet occurs and it is not for the squeamish.

I can’t reveal what transpires between Da Vinci and Lorenzo, but I will say it results in a stroke of brilliance from Da Vinci. It is not something that Da Vinci actually discovered, but for the purposes of TV it makes for good drama and a cool, albeit unsettling event. As I said earlier, you have to ignore history and just think of Da Vinci as a superhero– I go with Batman with mad science skills. Once your brain accepts this idea the whole show becomes a thing of comic book style beauty.

4. The Book of Leaves is the perfect MacGuffin.

The phrase Book of Leaves is uttered roughly 5,000 times in this episode (that may be an overestimation), and I am fine with that. Hitchcock proved a MacGuffin can be a great motivator for stories. Here we have a mythical book that is about to facilitate a journey to a completely new land. The book’s possible existence drives Riario to extremes, in fact, it is the character’s driving force entirely.

The elusiveness of the book adds mystery and gives both our heroes and villains something to chase. It doesn’t matter that we only have a vague idea of what the book is, as long as it moves the plot along briskly, it is doing its job.

5. Cliffhangers

The cliffhangers were my actual favorite part. Granted, I am partial to Zoroaster, so I am just this side of biased. There are two cliffhangers though: one is a sort of mystical, creepy sequence and the other…well, you will have to watch it to find out. After you do watch, skipping episode two will not be an option, so you have been warned.

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