Suits Season 3 Review “Moot Point” – Ready to Rumble

Suits Season 3 Episode 13 Moot Point (12)

In this episode of Suits, called “Moot Point,” Mike gives Harvey a special present for helping him out, while Scottie decides that her first job at her new firm is to take on Louis.

I’m going to say right up front that I’m a huge Louis fan. I love Harvey and Mike, too, but Louis is right up there with them for me. So I know that I’m biased when it comes to him. That being said, I really thought that what Scottie did in this episode was not cool at all. I totally get why she didn’t want to come into a new firm and be known only as the woman sleeping with Harvey. But, hey, how about doing some great work so that people forget that fact and just remember the work?

Louis didn’t do anything other than react to Scottie after she purposely pilfered one of his clients. Would Harvey have acted any differently if someone had tried the same trick with him? Would Jessica? Heck, Louis even tried to make friends with Scottie. Sure, he still wanted his client back, but again, who wouldn’t? And what was up with Scottie sending the email from Harvey’s computer? I thought the whole point of her attack was to distance herself from Harvey and then she goes and pulls him into it after Louis did Harvey a solid in the last episode.

Even at the end, when she found out that Harvey was keeping a secret from her, she still annoyed me. I do understand where she’s coming from though, so I should probably blame Harvey. It seems to me that all he had to say was that he was keeping a secret to protect someone else and that should have handled it. If you know that someone is keeping a secret for another, then it shouldn’t matter. That’s between Harvey and Mike and has nothing to do with Scottie at all.

So yeah, basically I’m not happy with Scottie right now.

Moving on to the rest of the story, I did enjoy Mike trying to find the right present for Harvey and I loved that it didn’t turn out to be an autographed piece of sports memorabilia or some nice cufflinks. There’s nothing Harvey likes more than a good fight and Mike handed that to him on a silver platter. It’s always fun to watch them take on a baddie together and this time was no different.

My favorite bits:

Mike framing a picture of Rachel dressed up as Minnie Mouse. Too cute for words.

“What do you get the man who has everything?”
“A picture of him dressed as a mouse?”

Donna going after Mike’s tie.

“I don’t care if I skipped the whole Goddamn meeting to get a full-body wax.” – I love Louis, but that image hurt my brain.

Scottie using Louis’ rules against him. Ouch.

Louis staring down a pillow.

“So we’re friends?”
“Great, now give me my files back.” – Methinks Louis didn’t understand what Jessica meant.

Harvey mumbling “on the grounds that he’s a pussy” when Mike asked why he was trying to excuse himself.

Totally being suspicious of Stemple as soon as he started his sob story. Love that Mike didn’t fall for it either.

“Please, I hate my wife, my children are anchors and the only reason I stay at that firm is to pay for them to leave me alone.” – Real winner, this guy.

“Mattresses? Have you been watching The Godfather?”
“Yeah, I’ve been trying to come up with some common ground to expand our friendship. Sue me.”

Louis telling Scottie that she was gonna get LittUp. Heck yeah! Get her Louis.

Kind of enjoying the fact that Stemple kept calling Harvey “Reginald.”

Mike and Harvey realizing the camera was still on after Stemple left the room.

Mike bringing Benjamin a bag of nothing but bacon. Where do I sign up for this service?

“I agree. The proposal? Most riveting thing I’ve read since 50 Shades of Grey.”

“You really are a dick.”
“I’m Moby goddamn Dick and you just swam in my waters.” – I stood up and cheered at that. No lie.

Finding out that Scottie was the one who assigned Nigel up against Louis.

Jessica telling her story about her former tennis rival.

“Harvey, who cares about the writer?”
“I guess you’re right about that.” – Hahahaha!

Mike giving Harvey a shit-eating grin when he found out that Jessica wanted to meet with him.

“This is always how it’s gonna be, isn’t it?”
“I thought you knew that.” – Yeah, I thought he would’ve known that, too.

Louis pointing out that the meanest, baddest guy at the firm who gets beat then has nothing.

Louis admitting that he was calling in a chit? I wasn’t expecting that at all.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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