Sirens (USA) Review “Famous Last Words”

Sirens (USA) Episode 4 Famous Last Words (2)

First a mea culpa: I wrongly thought Theresa and her partner had slept together in last week’s episode. That was faulty note keeping on my part. He was staying in her apartment due to his place being fumigated. She did reveal a minor obsession with The Rock though. My apologies for any confusion that may have caused. Now on to this week’s show.

Johnny’s lovability factor (totally a thing) keeps growing. This week after he and the boys lost a man who looked like Johnny’s father, Johnny celebrated because he (wrongly) believed he had gotten over his father leaving him and his mother for a dancer named Coco when he was a kid. As a result, Johnny and his mother are extremely close; so close that she took him to all of his baseball games, slept with multiple coaches to ensure his continued success and once used her saliva to slick back his hair at a game in front of all of his friends. Okay, so he has a few unresolved issues as the always right Hank pointed out.

With help from Theresa and her super police sleuthing skills, Johnny reunites with his father and immediately gets roped into moving a couch. Their “emotional” reunion resulted in lots of Johnny’s dad setting his son straight about the past (he was kicked out by Johnny’s mom because their marriage was terrible and he met Coco later) and refusing to apologize. He loves his son, in his own gruff, tough guy firefighter way. Johnny reacts with anger which he takes out on the couch, Coco’s wallpaper and inadvertently on his father and his father’s stair rail. The bad fall left Johnny panicked and admitting he was sorry– but his father was faking his injury to provoke the truth out of his son, which was that Johnny wants a relationship with him, just like he has always wanted one with Johnny. It was a great use of the show’s love of centering stories on a theme, by forcing Johnny to reveal his final words to his father before it was too late to change their relationship. We got to see Johnny go through serious emotional growth without compromising the series’ humor.

The b-plot was thinner, but pure comedy gold. Brian’s inability to tell a lie to a grieving wife about her husband’s last words sent him on a chase to find the woman, Catherine, he professed his love to on his deathbed. Hank told his newbie partner not to get involved lest the woman had a jealous husband or angry dog, but Brian forged ahead anyway. It turned out Catherine had an angry partner, a rabid dog and a restraining order against the dead guy. On the bright side, she was happy to hear the guy was dead, so in his own strange way, Brian did a nice thing. It didn’t provoke the romantic Hallmark movie reaction he wanted, but it made Catherine feel safe from harassment and gave Hank a good laugh.

Sirens has settled into a good groove. It is balancing humor with character growth, expanding its world (loved seeing Theresa and Johnny’s mom hang out this week) and just generally turning into an affable buddy comedy. Now if we could just get a bit more Hank…

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