Reign Season 1 Review “The Darkness”

Dirty Laundry

As the title suggests, this week’s episode of Reign, ‘The Darkness’, dealt with a lot of trouble coming the way of Mary and the rest of the court, with some surprisingly grim twists yet very little progress as far as the Lola issue is concerned.

With the mysterious threat – both physical and psychological – of a darkness descending on our characters, it’s hard to tell who’s actually safer at night, a banished Bash or those who remained at court. The thing of most note, especially after last week’s exercise in farcical comedy with Henry and Catherine’s murder cover-up, was the king’s turn into utter insanity. Is this an actual, demonic darkness that has taken him over and amped up his propensity for ‘socializing’ with subordinate ladies on window ledges, or is it just a monarch reveling in his own power and indulging in such fantasies? No matter what, he’s now strangling those girls mid-coitus, and that’s not good news for anyone.

Mary seems far away from the issue at this moment, with her concerns much more with Lola, Francis and the pregnancy-bomb that’s about to drop on her life. History was adhered to with her ultimate marriage to Francis but, with an illegitimate child something that would feasibly be hidden from written history, will we be seeing Lola’s pregnancy through to the end? Will Francis find out before the baby arrives? There’s a popular theory that Lola might give the baby over to Mary and Francis to raise together but, other than that being a fabrication too far, it would also fly in the face of all the good female character work Reign has done thus far. Lola will keep the baby, and the only question is whether Francis will be involved.

While the newlyweds are enjoying the end of their honeymoon phase, Bash is dealing with the physical beastie that has been stalking the woods and preying on villagers. Sadly (or not sadly, depending on whether you took to her or not) Bash’s new beau is the one to be taken by ‘The Darkness’ at the end of the episode and, after hearing of Olivia’s harrowing ordeal earlier, that isn’t good news. Are we dealing with an actual monster, then, or just religious extremists who are engaging in a spot of human sacrifice? The people that found Olivia outside of the castle were probably separate from the matter, seizing an opportunity when faced with a higher class lady, but there’s plenty of evil inside and outside of the castle to deal with nonetheless.

What did you think of the episode? Are you on Mary or Lola’s side on the Francis issue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.