‘Reign’ (Season 1): Finding a Husband at French Court


Now that the drama surrounding the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots (series lead Adelaide Kane) and the Dauphin of France, Francis (series regular Toby Regbo) is behind us, the new goal on Reign seems to be finding suitors for Mary’s ladies-in-waiting with specific attention being paid to Lola (series regular Anna Popplewell), who is pregnant with the future King’s child after a one-night stand with the royal while they were both in Paris during his banishment from the castle.

NOTE: Let’s not even talk about the fact that Lola got pregnant after one night with Francis while his wife Mary, after months of marriage and even a liaison before they were wed, is still not pregnant. Mary is none too happy with that either, but back to her ladies-in-waiting.

Kenna is conveniently (or not) the latest mistress to current King Henry (series regular Alan Van Sprang) and dealing with his sexual proclivities have taken on a dangerous slant of late with Henry, in last week’s episode, literally screwing one woman right out a window and in this week’s episode chocking an expensive prostitute to death after inviting this nameless woman into their (he and Kenna) bed for a threesome. Kenna has every reason to fear for her life!

As for Greer (series regular Celina Sinden), she is obviously very happy with assistant cook Leith, a relationship that CANNOT go anywhere because of her family’s need for to marry well. This leaves Greer with two options, marry Lord Peppercorn, who returns to the French castle for First Light, a celebration allowing eligible women of the court to find suitable suitors or for her to find another suitor at the celebration. What she doesn’t expect, though, is that her family has all but made that decision for her, arranging a marriage for her to a man who arrived at the castle after the celebration: a man she has yet to meet.

Now back to Lola and that bun in the oven that she is expecting and desperately trying to hide from everyone, including Francis. Mary, of course, learned the truth and was – at first – trying to help Lola find a suitable man to marry at First Light. That plan didn’t go well at all when Francis admitted his transgression to Mary (who had to hide she knew the truth already) and the suitor for which Lola was guided toward turned out to prefer men in his bed. That would’ve made for an awkward and unhappy marriage for Lola who needs to be bedded by another man quickly!

Lola is now back to square one needing to find a husband – STAT! – but who will she end up with or will Mary’s well-meaning assistance in acquiring her friend a husband backfire yet again?

What do you think of the ladies-in-waiting’s romantic entanglements so far this season? Do you think Kenna made a poor decision getting involved with King Henry? (I know I do!) Do you wish that Greer and Leith could actually remain a couple even with the strict dictates of their society? What do you think Lola should do about her unexpected pregnancy? And, when will Francis learn the truth? (You know that’s going to happen, right?!)

‘Reign’ will return for a new episode of its debut season on The CW on March 27 at 9/8c.