Rake Season 1 Review “Hey, Good Looking”

Rake Episode 9 Hey, Good Looking (4)

Chicken fights, a woman who paints with blood, a Brazilian flight dancing Bruce and trumped up murder charges summed up the latest episode of Rake. “Hey, Good Looking” had Keegan busy dodging the press and an agry group of neighbors after he turns up as a person of interest in the death of the mayor. Ben and Scarlet are at war about what to do with Kee while their son wants to take him to show and tell. Kee’s bad fortune also has Mikki and David fighting with Mikki’s defensive side revealing her feelings for Kee. David’s happy about their first fight, but I give it just a few more episodes before he’s history. An unlucky Maddy can’t get Bruce off her lawn, even if her ex-husband could be a murderer. His dance routines and talk of juice is hilarious. All of this craziness has Maddy confessing to Kee that he was right about their relationship.

There’s also an office pool with Kee’s new secretary Cindy trying to get everyone to stop betting against their new co-worker. Even Kee’s client Holly has her doubts about her new lawyer. The only one laughing throughout all of this is Leanne. She may not be Kee’s assistant in the “flesh” but she does a great job getting the job done to catch Kee a lead with Holly’s case. Kee is too busy fighting Bruce who challenges him to come to his dojo. The whole scene is pathetically funny, but its nice to see Kee help Maddy out.

Instead of falling apart at the seams over his personal life, Kee uses his own personal struggles in his closing arguments. He wins the case but ends up eating the pavement and taken in for murder. It looked like all of this was going to go away. Kee can’t seem to shake this one now that Gloria has turned her back on him. Were you surprised to see David show up? What about his top secret information he passed to Kee? It’s hard not to like Potter just a little.