POLL: Who Should Be In Charge On Revolution?

Charlie, Miles, Rachel, Julia, Tom, Jason, Bass, Connor, Nanites - Revolution

One of the major plot lines of Revolution is who will run the United States. When we first see the US after the blackout, fifteen years have passed and the central government has collapsed. Regional factions are in charge of smaller areas. In fact, according to a map shown in the season one episode “Soul Train,” the six regions were: the Monroe Republic, headquartered in Philadelphia and in charge of the northeast; the Georgia Federation, headquartered in Atlanta and spanning the southeast; the Plains Nation controlling the northern Midwest and Rocky Mountain states; Texas which controls portions of Mexico and the southern Midwest; the California Commonwealth which spans the Pacific Coast from Baja California to British Columbia; and the Wasteland roughly covering Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and portions of Mexico.

The Patriots arranged to send nuclear missiles to wipe out Atlanta and Philadelphia in the season one finale episode “The Dark Tower,” causing a major change in the power structure. At this point, the Patriots are the major player, well organized and ubiquitous. At the same time, there are multiple factions fighting to prevent their domination. Some are working together in what can only be described as alliances of convenience, but if a major player, such as the Patriots were to be taken out, would there then be a scuffle among the remaining factions to dominate? And, if that occurred, who would you root for to triumph?

The Patriots

Tom Neville and the Patriots leaders - Revolution

Set up as the big bad of the show, these people are the remnants of the US Government that fled to Cuba to regroup. Apparently the hard core conservatives of the government are the only ones that survived the blackout, and they have now revealed their goal. They intend to fix what they view as the evil ways the US had fallen into before the blackout and start anew, reaffirming the values they feel were established by the Founding Fathers.

They employ re-education camps, biological warfare and any other nasty methods to get their way. They have a former government contractor who is an expert in methods of mind control and intimidation in the inner circle and at the present time have the upper hand.

Bass and Connor Monroe

Sebastian and Connor - Revolution

Bass has now confirmed that he wants to rebuild the Monroe Republic, and in fact, would any of us be surprised that he would probably seek to take the whole country if he succeeded?

One of his main reasons for wanting to find his son was to have him rule by his side. Since we know Bass is dangerously demented, and paranoid, it is no surprise that he feels his son is the only person he can truly trust. He is convinced that Connor would never sell him out like his previous underlings, including Miles, did.


Nanite Fireflies - Revolution

No, I am not fixated on the nanites… ok, maybe a little. You must admit there is something about teeny-tiny robots that can heal people that is pretty darn alluring! These nanites have become self-aware, and darn it, they are not going to let us mess with them. Just look at the extremes they went to in the recent episode “Dreamcatcher” to get Aaron to fix them.

Considering the fact I also happened to catch the movie I, Robot when it aired on TV recently, the concept of machines that are looking out for us, whether we like it not, is not lost on me! Would their rule be benevolent but stifling?

Miles, Charlie and Rachel Matheson and Gene Porter

Charlie, Rachel and Miles Matheson - Revolution

Rachel has the smarts, and Miles has the tactical knowledge to lead an army, so who knows where this group could go with the support of their crew? Heck, even Charlie, now has her own personal army! Gene rounds them out by being the moral compass for the group, sometimes dangerously so.

Currently they hold the moral high ground, refusing to execute two re-education camp soldiers that Miles and Bass captured because they were just teens. Unfortunately, the methods used in the re-education camp are extreme, and these young people are not just teens anymore, so this decision comes at a cost.

Tom, Julia and Jason Neville

Jason, Julia and Tom Neville - Revolution

This family is as tough as it comes, and while Tom’s motivation for most of the show has been revenge, and most recently saving his wife, I could easily see them making a move if there were to be a void in power should the Patriots be defeated.

Tom also has tactical knowledge, as does his son Jason, and Julia is a woman of many talents, so they could conceivably lead. The question is how ruthless would they be in achieving their goals?

None of The Above!

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Did I leave someone out? Is there someone else you feel would be the best person or group to lead the nation? Be sure to let me know who you would like to see as a leader in the comment section below!


Now it is time to vote! Personally, I think that the Mathesons are the best bet for stable, compassionate leadership. Yes, they have made their share of mistakes, but they do try their best to do the right thing.

Who would you like to see in charge? After you vote, please let me know who you voted for and why in the comment section below!