Parenthood Season 5 “The Other” Review

Parenthood Season 5 Episode 18 The Offer (1)
This week’s episode of Parenthood was tough to watch for two very different reasons. First, there is the good “tough” that Parenthood does so well and usually culminates in lots of tears and several empty boxes of tissues. The highlights from last night’s episode include:

– Max. It’s so hard to watch Max struggle at school. The episode in which he lost his best friend was crushing. Although difficult to watch, this was an improvement over his conflict with Sarah last week. I suspect this will deepen Kristina’s commitment to opening a school. The Parenthood writers have done a great job at continuing to explore Max’s issues without it being the only thing the actors involved in the storyline get to do. I also appreciate that the writers remind us of the struggles that continue past diagnosis.

– Victor. Ugh. There are few things I want more on Parenthood than for Victor to be happy, feel secure and to have unwavering confidence in the love his family has for him.

– I was relieved to see that the prospect of an offer on their home was a bit overwhelming for Camille. I also appreciate that despite her doubts, she and Zeek seem intent upon staying the course and pursuing a new life. Of course, I’m still holding out hope that the house stays within the Braverman family, preferably with Jasmine and Crosby as the owners. One of my favorite scenes of the episode was the sight of Zeek coming downstairs barely dressed to greet the real estate agent and Jabbar’s proclamation to follow his grandfather’s lead and pursue a life of pants-free leisure.

Then there are the scenes that are the other kind of “tough.” They’re tough to get through because they involve storylines or characters that are either exhausting or frustrating to watch. This episode had its fair share:

– I’m officially in broken record mode. Less Sarah and Hank, more Hank and Max. Just when I thought this storyline had maxed out what little patience I have left, I saw on the previews that Mark (Jason Ritter) will return next week. I really hope that this will not culminate in yet another triangle for Sarah. Enough.

– It is difficult to say you don’t like a character on a show portrayed by a child actor, but man do I hate that spoiled little Sydney. To the credit of the Parenthood writers, Sydney has had a few moments in which she wasn’t being an awful, ungrateful little person this season. All that goodwill, however, was not enough to overcome that nasty display of misplaced anger towards Victor last night. I even found myself frustrated with Julia for not getting up and removing Sydney much sooner. That little girl is so awful, but perhaps that’s a testament to the ability of the actress? Maybe. I’d like Joel and Julia to seriously consider sending that spoiled little brat to boarding school.

– I hate to be one of those fans who says “if this happens, I’m done.” I really do. But if mopey, chronic marijuana smoking Drew singing each week is going to become a regular thing on Parenthood, it might be a deal breaker for me. I love Amber and their relationship is great to watch, but that is not enough for me to get on board with whatever it is they’re currently doing with Drew. Let’s hope the Parenthood writers find more to do with the amazing, talented Mae Whitman. I would also like to suggest sending Drew to Cornell with Haddie. And yes, I know that Haddie will be back on the show this season. Maybe she’ll take her cousin with her when she leaves.

What say you, fellow Parenthood fans? What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off below!