Community Season 5 “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” Review

Community Season 5 Episode 10 Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1)
First, shame on everyone at Community for not including Dean Pelton in the season 2 episode “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.” He should have been at the table with the study group. In a season that has payed homage to classic episodes from the show’s first three seasons, Community took on the daunting task of revising the wildly popular season 2 episode in which the gang tried to cheer up fat Neil and in which we saw Pierce prove quite adept at Dungeons and Dragons. I think “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” would get the sequel stamp of approval from Abed. As he aptly noted, sequels are hard!

The study group returned to the world of Dungeons and Dragons for a second time in an attempt to repair the estranged relationship between Buzz and his son, guest star David Cross. The second attempt at solving problems with D&D delivered the funny moments fans loved in the season 2 episode, including hilarious roles for the group and quick escalation of intensity. Unsurprisingly, Dean Pelton really committed to his role as Jeff’s son, which yielded great results. Seriously, I cannot believe the man with an endless amount of costumes in his closet was not at the table when the study group set out to help Neil in season 2. Jim Rash was brilliant in his portrayal of the always melodramatic, Jeff-crazed Craig Pelton. The impalement scene was hilarious.

Not to be outdone, Danny Pudi was also great in his role as Dungeon Master Abed. Jonathan Banks continued to be my favorite addition to the show this season and Cross was a great guest star. Indeed, this was a fitting sequel and a great episode overall.

Other funny moments . . .

– It’s great that we got a glimpse of Neil in the background as the study group discussed their first foray into the game.

– Hillary Rodham Kitten is the most amazing stuffed kitten name. Actually, it’s second to Chairman Meow.

– The sight of Abed playing Dungeons & Dragons with Annie’s stuffed animals was both adorable, but disturbing.

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