The 100 Series Premiere Review

The 100 has the problems you would expect from a pilot episode, as well as all of the stereotypical features of a CW show. Still, as anyone who’s taken the time to actually watch shows like The Vampire Diaries and Arrow knows that the CW has grown into a network that can offer a lot more than just preteen soaps. In fact, with The 100, the network might have found its perfect chance to offer up a sci-fi show that both its typical audience and interested outsiders can get into.

Now, when I say that The 100 has the CW stereotypes, I mainly mean that this is a show that features a lot of attractive young people in lead roles. At the very least, the show does a fairly good job of explaining away why the colonists of the Ark would be sending juvenile delinquents to the surface instead of expert researchers or adult criminals. In regards to the former, the risk is just too high to be sending any essential personnel on what could’ve easily been an instant death sentence. As for the latter, well… they’ve already met with the death sentence. Further, the idea of any crime being punishable with imprisonment helps to keep our main characters likable, while also providing a solid villain on the surface.

As for the pilot problems, there’s a lot of exposition going on in this first hour. Pretty much every character conversation started with some establishing remark, setting up what the characters’ history with one another is. Granted, this is sort of a necessary evil for pilots, but it felt like there was a bit too much of it here. Certain parts felt like they could’ve been implied by the way the characters interacted. Still, some moments were effective, such as the budding romance between Clarke and Finn.

Those issues aside, though, this was an interesting episode, one that did leave me curious to see where things will go in the coming weeks. Really, The 100 just has a straight-up interesting concept, and it’ll all come down to execution in regards to whether the show turns out good or bad. So far, though, I’m impressed. The visuals are strong, the characters are enjoyable enough, and there’s a lot of mystery to engage with.

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