Revolution Season 2 Review “Why We Fight”

Revolution Season Episode 17 Why We Fight (6)

I’ve said time and time again how much Revolution has stepped up its game this season, but it’s always the first thought that comes to mind when an episode is as good as “Why We Fight” was. From Monroe’s first big success at taking back power, to Tom’s continued manipulations, to Charlie’s spiral into despair, everything about this episode had me excited to see what happens next.

I laid out my favorite moments in a bit of a list there, so I might as well start with Monroe. This episode served as reminder of how bloodthirsty he can, but it also showed how easily he can take advantage of a situation. When the group came across the remnants of New Vegas, he was quick to set himself up as a charismatic figure, one that would lead the vengeful men into battle. While it was a bummer to hear about the destruction of New Vegas and the death of the underdeveloped Duncan, it’s good to see Monroe getting a taste of the power he once had.

Of course, his attack came at the perfect time to save Tom’s life, just as he was about to lose the power struggle with Doyle. Honestly, I was okay seeing Tom not come out on top again here, though I do wonder why Doyle would strangle him personally. Sure, he wants Tom to know who was going to end his life, but with Jason under his control, why not just have the son kill the father? Of course, this does leave Jason as a bit of a ticking time bomb, a future wrench to be thrown into Tom’s machinations.

And then there’s Charlie. Though she’s mentioned her belief that everyone is going to die before, her conversation with Rachel really hammered home the idea of just how far she’s gone. She’s to the point where she’s behaving in a self-destructive manner, and I can’t help but want her to find some reason to hope again. Kudos to the writers and Tracy Spiridakos for making me care about Charlie’s struggle; this a far cry from the naïve girl that though Miles would help her out of familial obligation back in the pilot.

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